Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Armaan asking Sudha how is Thapki? Sudha says Thapki may be very fortunate to get this type of worrying husband. He says shall I name doctor? Preeto says she is fine, your mummy has implemented medication on her, she is fine. He asks can I move and spot her? Sapna asks Thapki to use ointment withinside the night time also. Armaan comes and says if she forgets then I will remind her with a name. Sapna smiles. Priyanka says what approximately the short, it remained incomplete. Sapna says if a person takes medication for headache then if the short breaks, no. She asks Priyanka to deliver water in order that Thapki can smash her fast. Priyanka brings water pot and offers to Armaan. Armaan makes Thapki drink water. Thapki says ok. Priyanka thinks all this fear will pop out while her fact will pop out.

Veena tells Purab that something Thapki has executed, need to have executed via way of means of Hansika. She asks do you observed Hansika is proper woman for you. Dadi says if this will occurred then God haven’t made their Jodi. She says Hansika couldn’t some thing because it occurred hurriedly, and she or he instructed me that she is feeling horrific, and asks her to offer her a chance, she isn’t always a horrific bahu. She asks Veena to return back and provide shagun to each bahus. Dadi comes out with Veena. Veena and Sapna provide the bridal attire to their bahus. Dadi says they’re comparable and it suggests that I love you each equally, and asks them to put on for marriage and grah pravesh. Thapki’s hand stumbles. Preeti comes there and holds the thaali. Purab comes and sees Preeti taking the bridal garments and goes. Thapki says thanks and is set to stammer. Sudha asks her to take advantages of elders. Hansika takes advantages of Dadi and thinks till this antique female is in my control, Veena Devi could be in control. Priyanka tells Sudha that once the wedding, you may get lots cash. Sudha receives happy. Priyanka thinks as soon as the wedding happens, I will inform fact to Mummy and you’ll get nothing.

Hansika involves Veena Devi, and asks why is she irritated with her. Veena Devi says ordinary I used to peer your new avatar. Hansika says I even have taken cash from you to store Papa’s organization and says I will now no longer get the cheque cleared. Veena devi asks what’s the cause for this humanity. Hansika says all this belongings and the whole thing could be fine. Veena Devi says you had mentioned loving Purab the day prior to this and now speakme approximately cash. She says inform me directly what do you need? She says in case you need to get your album released, then I gets it executed. Hansika says she can be able to get it executed via way of means of telling Purab. Veena Devi says I understand you don’t love him and asks her to inform what she desires to depart Purab. Hansika says I simply want Purab. Veena Devi says what do you want, need to turn out to be organization’s face, wishes belongings etc. She asks her to inform one thing, and says you may get. Hansika says admission in London Music School.

Veena Devi says handiest 3 exceptional college students take admission in that college from India. Hansika says I understand that my software were given rejected two times and says in case you do this, then I will go away from right here. She says the admission method will result in 24 hours, and says in case you need then can do. Veena Devi says I promise that I will extrade your route, and could deliver my son’s route on proper route and could get you admitted in that college subsequent year. Hansika says her sur is probably weak, however she isn’t always silly to depart her marriage day after today for this. She laughs and says both I will visit London, or will input right here as your bahu.

She calls her Surili Mother In Law and asks her to don’t forget 24 hours.
Thapki brings her mom out and asks her to peer which she made for her. She asks her to comply with the chart and asks her now no longer to devour some thing introduced via way of means of Anchun as her ldl cholesterol become high. She asks her to take her piggy financial institution and spend on herself. She says I am going a ways from you, now no longer farfar from you. She says I will name you. Ashok and Anchun pay attention her. Ashok says we can name you too. Anchun says I will deliver chole batura for you. Ashok asks Thapki to forestall disturbing approximately them and says we can cope with the whole thing. Thapki hugs them.

Veena Devi asks a person to offer bribe to all group of workers of London School of Music, and get admission somehow. She thinks time is passing via way of means of, if Hansika don’t get admission, then how Thapki becomes my bahu.

Thapki receives equipped for her marriage. Her mom takes to the air evil sight from her. Thapki asks are we able to visit temple as soon as. Anchun says I will take her to temple. They go away.

Sargam receives each Purab and Armaan equipped for the wedding in Sherwani and turban. Armaan offers cash to her and asks her to enjoy. She asks if he’s clearly America go back and takes his wallet. He runs in the back of her. Dadi asks him to sit. She says you each have grown as much as get married today. Armaan says we can be continually a child for you. Dadi asks Purab and Armaan to vow her that they’ll paintings on their marriage and provide like to their other halves.

She says a woman will go away all her international for you, don’t make her sense loneliness, don’t go away her on my own and love her a lot. Armaan asks her now no longer to joke. Dadi says I am serious. Armaan guarantees that they’ll deal with their respective other halves and asks Sargam to go back his wallet. Dadi involves Purab and asks what’s he wondering? Purab says he’s concerned approximately the paintings stress, and tells that he’ll ship the mails and come. He goes. Dadi says this man works even on marriage day, and tells Veena that she can be able to move and spot the arrangements. Veena Devi calls Hansika and unearths her range switched off. She thinks I will ensure that Purab and Hansika’s marriage don’t happen, and for this, I am equipped to visit any extent.

Thapki comes in the temple and tells that she may be very worried and her coronary heart is thrashing fast. She says I concept to satisfy you, and says something occurred, occurred via way of means of itself and I understand which you are doing this, and that’s why I am anxiety free. She says I am very worried and asks her to deal with the whole thing, and now no longer to interrupt her trust. She says I need similar to a mom makes her baby walk, even you will be with me in order that I can satisfy this relation, don’t smash this marriage and don’t allow some thing incorrect happen. They pop out and search for Thapki’s slipper. Anchun says a person had stolen it, even temple isn’t always safe.

He asks her to sit, till he brings new slippers for her. She sits at the bench. Purab comes and sits on the opposite aspect of the bench and tells himself that the whole thing is fine. Thapki asks why are you wondering so lots. Purab says I even have a odd feeling at coronary heart. Thapki asks worry. He says sure worry and such a lot of questions, the whole thing occurred fast, I become now no longer equipped, or many be I become equipped. He says I become having dhak dhak feeling. Thapki asks him to shut his eyes, and rubs his hands on his brow and says all of your anxiety could be relieved. She then stammers. He asks even you stammers. They study every other.

The episode ends.


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