Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Thapki coming to Hansika’s room. Hansika ends the decision with Anjali and silently places her left hand withinside the plaster and asks Thapki, why she returned? Thapki asks if she become awaiting Anjali Aunty. Hansika thinks she stuck me, and thinks sport is over. Thapki says I can understand, you is probably lacking your Mother. She says simply now your Papa got here, and stated that he’ll persuade Anjali aunty and take you from right here very soon. Hansika says daughters are unique for Papas. Thapki says can also additionally be, I don’t understand as I haven’t any Papa. She asks her to relaxation and says goes. Hansika thinks a way to idiot her, she is silly through birth. She thinks to move and meet Veena. Thapki is writing the fees of her mother’s surgical treatment, drug treatments and sanatorium fees.

She thinks she didn’t communicate to Purab approximately her salary. Purab comes out after the shower. He wipes his hair and sees her smiling. Thapki is wondering that she had pop out of lavatory and the water droplet fell on him. He asks what occurred? Thapki says she is involved and indicates the ink scattered at the diary, says simply coronary heart is made now. He asks her to calculate once more, and says first make my agenda for nowadays. I shall understand whoever I am assembly nowadays. He says then I must visit workplace. She says you’re satisfied to visit workplace. He says sales is increased, and also you will be satisfied too because it occurred because of you.

Thapki says I need to speak to you, we do task for…he says to earn call, recognize and to be independent. Thapki says extra than that, salary. He says ofcourse, we are able to communicate withinside the workplace and asks her to get geared up fast. Thapki asks him to mention it right here. Purab says can you narrow the women finger withinside the workplace and says he has HR dept to deal with it. She asks him to present her an idea. He asks her to get geared up.

Hansika involves Veena Devi’s room. Veena Devi says she doesn’t like anybody interference whilst doing riyaaz and scoffs her. Hansika says why are you so irritated, in case you are sad with existence or your preference bahu Thapki. She says you used to run farfar from such human beings and nowadays she is staying in our house. She says I am speakme approximately Thapki. She says in case you haven’t modified the bride, then could be in advantage. Veena Devi asks her to go away. Hansika indicates the video wherein Veena Devi modified the call plate of the brides, and additionally the video wherein Veena Devi presented her cheque to go away Purab. Veena Devi is greatly surprised and says you become recording everything. Hansika asks shall I display this to Purab and says experience your vintage age and do riyaaz, however don’t think about coming in my way. Hansika smiles and goes. Veena Devi receives involved.

Mukul asks Anjali to get manicure, pedicure and many others and says you don’t take care of your daughter, who’s staying in a person else’ house. Anjali says it become her choice to live there. Mukul says you pressured her to take this step. Anjali says she can be able to go back as soon as she receives a few intelligence. Mukul says what goes on to your mind? Anjali says you’re hiding a mystery with me and asks for his wallet. He says it’s miles tough to speak to you.

Dadi asks Purab to return back to her. Purab says Thapki will take my five minutes in room. Dadi says she is your wife. Purab says my secretary and asks in which is she? Dadi says she is making breakfast for you. Purab sits to have breakfast. Hansika eyes them and thinks Veena Devi haven’t understood why I got here right here? Thapki serves him food. Purab begins offevolved eating. Dadi asks him now no longer to rush up. He stops Dadi from having the peanuts sandwich and asks Thapki if she don’t understand that Dadi is allergic to you. Thapki says no. Hansika smiles. Dadi makes them devour it and asks them to forestall combat and communicate. Thapki says I may have breakfast later, first I will deliver breakfast and drugs to Hansika. I had forgotten. She receives up to move. Hansika calls Purab and asks him to return back to her room fast. He receives up with out completing the breakfast.

Thapki serves breakfast for Hansika and continues the drug treatments too. Jaya calls Thapki and tells that her surgical treatment date got here after three days. Thapki says cash isn’t always organized yet. Jaya says Purab has deposited the cash and stated that he’ll take me to sanatorium. Purab involves Hansika’s room. Hansika comes out strolling from lavatory, carrying bathrobe and hugs him. Thapki comes there. Purab asks what occurred? Hansika says Thapki got here. She then tells that there may be a lizard withinside the lavatory. Purab exams and says there may be nothing. Hansika asks him to get pest manipulate done. He says good enough and goes. Thapki continues the breakfast and asks her to have it. She asks her to fasten the door.

Thapki comes out to Purab. Purab says Hansika is terrified of lizard. Thapki says did I ask? She thank you him and says I talked to my Mother and he or she informed which you have paid the cash. Purab asks her now no longer to get irritated and says I will reduce it each month out of your salary. Thapki says shall we visit workplace. He asks her to take car and says it’ll appearance odd, if boss and secretary come together. Thapki calls car. Hansika thinks Thapki is silly now no longer to reveal proper on Purab. Thapki is withinside the car and thinks she determined it strange, seeing Hansika and Purab together. Auto stops and says it isn’t always starting. Purab is available in his automobile and symptoms and symptoms her to return back fast. Thapki sits lower back withinside the car once more because it begins offevolved.

Veena Devi involves Hansika and asks if she got here to grab Purab from her, while she cherished London Music school. Hansika says I am sanskari and Purab is married. Veena Devi says forestall acting. Hansika says yes, I got here for Purab. Thapki sees Purab status on the street and asks car driving force to forestall the car. She asks Purab to return back and take a seat down in car. Purab sits in car. Hansika says Purab and Thapki’s relation is weak. She says I actually have come to take what’s mine. Veena Devi says he isn’t always mine. The car driving force performs the song, tum dena saath mera….Purab and Thapki study every other. Veena Devi says she doesn’t like Thapki much, however there may be a few connection among them. She says they appearance far, however they’re close to every other. She says you haven’t any idea, what he does for her? Purab thinks simply 15 minutes left to attain workplace. Auto stops. A transgender comes there and asks for cash. Purab offers him cash, and the transgender blesses them to have lovely babies.

Veena Devi says you can’t get Purab even in case you live right here for existence. Hansika says challenge, I like it. She says let’s simply wait and watch. Veena Devi and Hansika smiles.

Episode ends

Precap: Thapki involves the room and sees Strawberry icecream at the table. She asks Purab, how did he understand that her favored taste is strawberry. He says the baskets that you have despatched to the personnel and also you had eaten Diwali candies strawberry barfi. He says that’s how he took a chance. Thapki eats the icecream and says you’ve got got expertise and does a few paintings good. He says a few paintings? Thapki says I actually have forgotten to satisfy Dadi, she had referred to as me. Purab stops her and wipes the icecream from her lips. Song performs…..


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