Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Veena Devi telling Thapki that she may be very smart and says I notion you’re new player, however you’re sharp player. She says I knew that whoever stammers is having dust of their coronary heart and says however I am seeing for the primary time that such human beings are smart and adjustments shadeation like squirrel. Thapki is shocked. Veena says you haven’t instructed Purab approximately the fact in your personal motive. She says what did you observed that you’ll carry prasad for me, arrange my birthday celebration and so forth and I will come up with recognize and make you rani on this house.

She says you’ve got got saved the information in opposition to me to apply on the proper time, so you can appeal to Purab and get him fully. Thapki says your doubt is legitimate, however Purab cared for you and made you devour cake, as he loves you plenty and didn’t do that on a person provocation. She says now no longer simply 25 days has surpassed for our marriage, however I understood him, and says unfortunately you couldn’t recognize your son in 25 years.

Veena Devi is angry. Thapki asks her to transport the hatred from her eyes and notice diamond in Purab. She says I continually appeared you as my God, and desires to consider you continually. She says you’ve got got selected me for Purab and were given me married to him. She says that day will come close to if you have to simply accept me, this isn’t always my challenge, however my sturdy notion on you, that’s on my God. Veena Devi receives considering her words. Thapki is going.

Purab tells the personnel that they need songs on echoes platform, new APP. He writes at the board because the personnel inform the figures. Purab says we need our stocks to be atleast forty seven percentage here. He asks the men to head lower back to paintings. He asks Anuj to make mail him. He tells Thapki that they are able to get crores of income in the event that they get this deal. Thapki says absolutely sir. Purab tells that there are 3 rival companies, the entirety relies upon in this assembly. She asks whilst is the assembly? Purab says now no longer affirm yet.

Thapki says I even have an idea, we will move relaxation, and you could relaxation there and divert your attention. She says we are able to go back domestic, whilst the presentation time got here. They come domestic. Employee comes there and offers pendrive to Thapki. Thapki tells Purab that that is the presentation pendrive. He asks her to hold it safely. Thapki continues it withinside the cupboard. Hansika hears them. Thapki asks Purab to have dal and chawal. Hansika says when you have rice then will sense sleepy. He asks then what to do? Hansika says we will play TT/Table tennis.

Thapki says even I changed into referred to as as TT/Thapki tripathi in university. She says horrific joke. Hansika asks him to return back and play and asks thapki to cheer for her whilst she wins. He says for your dreams. Thapki comes there and sits. Hansika and Purab begin playing. Hansika says I used to defeat him withinside the university too. Purab wins next. Hansika says you’ve got got were given better. She then asks Thapki to play with Purab and says I want a break. She thinks I shall play my actual sport and is going.

Thapki attempts to play with Purab. He asks her to awareness and teaches her. Thapki couldn’t play. He says depart it, it isn’t always a laugh to play with out competition. Hansika comes lower back and asks if he changed into lacking her. He asks her to play. He receives a message and asks Thapki to get the pendrive as they should depart for assembly immediately. Thapki involves the room and reveals the pendrive lacking. She comes lower back to Purab and tells that the pendrive is lacking from the drawer. He says what do you mean, which you didn’t get.

He asks what are you saying? Hansika remembers stealing it, places in his denims and continues it withinside the washing device. Purab shouts at Thapki. Thapki says I even have written the entirety in my notepad. Purab asks if I will supply this huge presentation analyzing out of your notepad and calls himself silly to offer her huge responsibility. Hansika is going at the back of Purab and says in case you move angrily then the assembly can be horrific. She asks him to put off the assembly. Purab says my competition gets the deal and is going.

Veena Devi hears her and says I recognise which you would possibly have executed some thing and says you’re inauspicious. Hansika asks her to offer the credit score to reliable bahu Thapki and says she is useless. Veena Devi says quiet, I didn’t ask in your opinion and is aware of how you’re preserving gun on her shoulder and firing. Hansika says you’ve got got end up clever and says it changed into my paintings and asks what’s going to you do. She says my flip will come and that point I will now no longer lower back off. She is going. Veena Devi says I will cease this sport earlier than your flip comes.

The worker tells Purab that he has transferred the record from Computer to pendrive after which deleted it. Purab scolds him for now no longer getting the lower back up. Other worker comes there and says they have got reached for the assembly. Purab is going to the assembly. Thapki involves the office. The consumer asks him to inform the precise figures. Purab tells that their songs rating is right on typical APP and might earn accurate income in high time slot. The consumer asks approximately the income and says numbers do matters. Thapki is status outdoor and asks Purab to put in writing at the board. She writes huge at the paper. Purab sees the figures and writes at the board. Thapki writes App Revenue and Profit margin. She allows him with all of the figures. Purab says so figures are infront of you and income can be for your pocket. He says platform is yours, however skills is ours. He says we will restoration this deal for 60 and forty percentage. He says 60 ours and forty yours. The consumer appreciates him for understanding the figures precisely and says you’ve got got executed accurate research. Purab smiles searching at Thapki.

He comes domestic fortunately and tells Dadi that lakhs and crores of human beings will listen Mom’s songs. Dadi asks if Thapki didn’t assist you. Purab says she helped. Dadi says she got here domestic angrily and requested if he scolded her with none reason. Purab asks if she complained approximately me. Dadi says I even have skilled and haven’t deepwhite this hair in sun. He asks what to do. Dadi asks him to cheer her up. Hansika hears them and receives upset. He thinks Thapki requested him to have meals and says he can persuade her the use of meals. Dadi shows them to visit a inn for candle mild dinner after which make an apology to her. Purab says I will move and communicate to her. Hansika thinks she shall do her paintings. She collides with Purab and asks if his presentation changed into a success and says my sport plan labored as pressure buster. He says yes. Hansika is set to hug him. He stops her and says we’re simply pals. She asks if pals don’t hug. Purab says they do, however now I am married and shall hold distance. Hansika thinks I gets in the direction of you and tells that she desired to take him and Thapki to dinner. He says he has different plan. Hansika emotionally blackmails him and says we will move. He says 7 pm. Hansika says ok. Purab says until then I will persuade her. He involves the room after which involves the bathroom. He sees Thapki eliminating the garments from the showering device and asks if she wishes assist. She says I can do paintings. He says I am speakme to you and also you aren’t listening to me. The pendrive falls down from his denims. Purab selections it and is shocked.

The episode ends..


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