Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 18th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Ashok asking Thapki to relaxation. Sapna tells that roka’s mahurat is ending. Veena Devi asks seriously, you’re nonetheless concerned for roka. Dadi says we can do roka later and asks Thapki to relaxation for sometime. Nandini asks why we could look ahead to the roka.

Veena Devi says the whole lot took place infront of you, we will wait. Nandini says some thing took place has took place with Thapki and asks if she desired to punish Hansika. Dadi asks what are you announcing? She says Hansika and Purab’s roka will satisfied on the determined time. Purab and Hansika take a seat down for the roka rite. Priyanka is taking her selfies even as the roka is happening. Sapna asks Priyanka to move and deal with thapki. Priyanka is going after an argument. Hansika and Purab take elders’ advantages after the roka rite. Nandini says marriage mahurat will be taken out, in order that we will get time for preparation. Mukul says shall we repair it on an excellent date.

Vijay asks them to live until Armaan’s roka. Mukul appears at Nandini and says we’ve a few urgency, Hansika will live back. Hansika is going to drop her mother and dad. Veena Devi tells Purab that marriage doesn’t manifest among lady and boy, however the relation occurs among the 2 families, and says your desire is infront of you. Thapki tells her mom that she is fine. Sapna makes Thapki communicate to Armaan. Thapki greets him, stammers and asks him to speak to her mom. Sapna asks why you’re muted. She asks Thapki to speak.

Armaan asks what took place to her neck. Veena Devi comes there and takes the tab, says Thapki wishes to take relaxation, as I am the singer. Sapna says I am her saas and has stored the rasam on this room, in order that my bahu doesn’t have any problem. Sapna begins offevolved the roka rite and tells that Armaan desired her to present her ancestral necklace to his wife. She offers necklace to Thapki.

Armaan smiles. Dadi offers presents to them. Sudha and Preeti communicate that it’s miles precious. Mama ji tells that Thapki has introduced presents for you, it isn’t always costly, however it’s miles made with the aid of using her with love. Veena Devi receives emotional seeing the non secular pic. Sapna says she is happy that Thapki can be her bahu. Pandit ji comes there and asks for the kundali. Sapna says I will deliver Armaan’s kundali and asks Veena to present Purab’s kundali to Pandit ji. Thapki thinks to present some thing to Purab personally.

Veena Devi involves her room and thinks you’ve got got refused the coolest alliance because of your ego. Thapki like lady, receives to the fortunate individual. She is going out taking the kundali. Preeti involves Veena devi’s room and receives mesmerized seeing the room. She sees the drawer open and selections the letter written with the aid of using Thapki. She thinks I located a manner to show your stammering problem, now see how I pressure you to hit awl in your leg.

Sapna asks Pandit ji to take out appropriate mahurat for each marriage. Veena Devi asks Hansika to move and convey Purab. Purab’s kundali actions because of wind and is derived close to Thapki’s kundali. Pandit ji selections the kundalis. Purab is speaking at the phone. Thapki comes there. Purab takes to the air his watch and maintains in his kurta. Thapki says I want to speak to you important. She says there are sorts of human beings, one runs after paintings because of helplessness and poverty, and different men and women run after the whole lot and make paintings as excuse. Purab says there’s one greater type, who wastes others time. She stammers and says Pu…He asks what Pu. Thapki says such recommendation isn’t always digested and says she desired to present him present. He takes the handkerchief and says it’s miles a terrible design, warm vessel. She says it’s miles ditto like you. Purab is going from there. Preeti involves Thapki and indicates the tissue.

Pandit ji assessments the kundalis and tells that their Jodi are perfect, are destined to live collectively for 7 births. He says I were given fortunate matching Thapki and Purab’s kundalis. Tai ji tells Pandit ji that he stated incorrect line, and says Purab is incorrect number. Sapna says Thapki and Armaan are becoming married, Armaan is my son and Purab is Veena’s son. Pandit ji apologizes and says I will test again. Veena Devi thinks of Pandit ji’s phrases.

Preeti tells Thapki that Veena ji would possibly have were given 1/2 of letter. Thapki says I even have written fully. Preeti says she is questioning you fast, however you’re bullock cart. She says reality isn’t always out. Thapki says I will communicate to Veena ji and is going. Preeti sits at the swing and laughs, announcing Veena ji will take your existence whilst she involves recognize approximately your reality. Thapki asks Servant in which is Veena ji. He says withinside the room. Thapki involves her room. Preeti offers the information to Sudha and asks for appreciation. Thapki sees a person sitting at the chair and thinks Veena ji is sitting. She tells that she needs to speak to her, and says that day 1/2 of letter reached you. She stammers and says now you need to have come to recognize what I desired to inform you, thru the letter. Thapki says I even have reputable you after my mom, as you’re an excellent individual and additionally an excellent singer. She says there are a lot in heart, however phrases forestall and pop out from mouth. She says I simply request you on your aid and love. She says I will manage conflict my phrases and wishes your aid. She asks will you take delivery of me regardless of this problem. Thapki says in case you suppose that I am appropriate for Armaan ji then bless me once. She says I were given my solution and don’t have any complains, as I were given sufficient love from you. She folds her palms and is going. Someone is sitting at the chair nonetheless.

Thapki tells her mom that she turned into scared, however wishes to inform her the reality. She says what to do? Just then Veena devi comes downstairs. Everyone receives scared. Sudha and Preeti are watching for Veena Devi to blast her anger. Veena Devi is coming there. Thapki sees mauli at the ground and sits right all the way down to select out it. Veena Devi maintains her foot on her hand and asks what are you doing? Thapki indicates the mauli in her hand. Veena Devi praises her and thank you her own circle of relatives for sending her there. She says only a few human beings are there like you, sincere and truthful. She blesses her and maintains hand on her head. Thapki recollects her phrases and receives emotional.


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