Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Thapki telling Purab that she desires to earn cash on her own, and says wealthy humans such as you does this, at the pretext of help. She says you made me perception that I were given this process on the idea of my talent. Purab asks who advised you this? She says it doesn’t matter. Purab asks her now no longer to overreact and says whoever is on large position, reached there with someone’s recommendation. He says this component is going on. She says it would appear to your world, however now no longer in my world. She says I felt simply terrible nowadays, and tells that she don’t need to make him stair to climb up and don’t need to take his gain. She says I am leaving this process, in order that I can seek every other process by myself and now no longer burden via way of means of your favors. Purab recollects his mom’s phrases that Thapki like women aren’t loyal. He is going to Veena Devi and asks did you inform her, that I helped her get this process. Veena Devi asks simply, you obtain her the process. He asks her to speak to him straight. Veena Devi says yes, I stated and says Thapki’s fact will pop out, tells that she has married you for cash. He says Thapki has left the process and additionally the cheque which I gave her. He asks in case you are happy. Veena Devi says now she can be able to act to get every other process, however she can be able to now no longer get a whole lot cash. She says then she can be able to act and you may supply her cash on the ultimate minute, however she can be able to faux to have self respect. He says what are you announcing Mom and asks her to manipulate herself else you’ll lose your simplest son. He says he is aware of Thapki greater than her.

Thapki calls her mom, who asks if the entirety is pleasant there. Thapki’s mom says she is pleasant. She asks what took place on your voice. Thapki says I drank bloodless water and that’s why it’s miles rough. Her mom asks her approximately her process. Thapki says happening well. Ashok takes the decision and tells that Didi’s situation is deteriorating and says we can get the surgical procedure achieved on the earliest. Thapki asks him to accept as true with her and says she can be able to quickly get all of the cash. She tests the newspaper and springs to the Masala office. The boss tells that every one girls are certified to grind the masala and don’t want any certificate. He asks why she desires to try this process. Thapki says I need process in order that I can earn cash for my Maa’s surgical procedure. He says I gets a few proper deed and offers her 50000 cheque, and tells that he’s going to supply her 2000 Rs in keeping with bag extra. Thapki says I will do paintings from nowadays onwards and asks him to ship the masala luggage. The boss smiles and thinks it is ideal to take gain of needy humans, after which laughs.

Veena Devi talks to someone. The man says Madam has smile on her face earlier than the occasion and says why is she worried? Veena devi asks what took place? He asks if she is pleasant. Thapki comes there and tells Veena Devi, that she were given the process to grind the masala. Veena Devi thinks she can be able to get simply 5000 after which my announcing will show right. She asks the fellow to return back as she goes for Riyaaz. Thapki thinks Maa ji’s riyaaz could be effected, if I grind the masalas here. She asks the guys to take the luggage withinside the higher room.

Sapna and Priyanka pay attention them. Priyanka tells that Veena Chachi is afraid that Purab would possibly slip from her hand. Sapna says I even have placed this in Veena’s mind. She says Veena could be humiliated on occasion day. Priyanka says even I will take revenge. Veena Devi starts offevolved singing. Priyanka and Sapna take Vaccum cleanser. Sapna tells Priyanka that that is her trick, and says Purab and Thapki’s room is infront of Veena’s room and says masala will fly and it’s going to visit Veena’s room, after which her throat could have the problem. Thapki begins offevolved grinding the masala. Priyanka asks Sapna to position the vaccum cleanser in Thapki’s room. Priyanka places the vaccum cleanser pipe. Thapki coughs because the masala receives withinside the air. She thinks mirchi powder is flying, earlier than it reaches Maa ji’s room, I shall near the window. She asks who’s the use of vaccum cleanser outdoor and says masala is withinside the air. Priyanka says I will move and easy someplace else. Thapki cleans her eyes and ties fabric on her eyes. Purab comes there and asks why chilli powder is anywhere withinside the room and says he’s going to open the window. She says don’t open and falls on him, chilli powder receives carried out on his face. He says chilli powder went in my eyes. Thapki takes to the air the white fabric and wipes his face. She blows on his eyes. He additionally wipes her face. She tells that she were given improve too. He receives suspicious and asks approximately the amount. She says she can be able to now no longer inform after which tells she were given 50000 improve. He asks for the company’s call to test the background. She says she can be able to now no longer inform. Purab says I will discover after the occasion.

Ashok and Thapki’s mom pop out of hospital. Ashok asks her to get medication from the chemist store and tells that they shall get the surgical procedure achieved on the earliest. Mukul is there, calls Anjali and asks if Hansika called. Anjali says she have to be partying. He says I am her father and is set to leave. He hears Jaya speakme to chemist, and turns luckily to study her. He couldn’t see her. Thapki’s boss asks her to return back and supply him the masala boxes. She says it’s miles very past due now. He insists.

Precap: Thapki calls Purab and says he changed into proved wrong, her boss made her ground manager. He ends the decision. She calls him again. The boss comes there and attempts to molest her. He throws chilli powder in her eyes.


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