Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with the visitors/ worldwide companions begin having lunch at Veena Devi’s house, made with the aid of using Thapki. Purab hopes the lunch is correct, else they may go through huge loss if those customers move farfar from hands. Thapki prays to God that everybody shall just like the meals, made with the aid of using her. Thapki peeps out of doors the kitchen. The foreigner tells that it’s far Amazing, Other says Mindblowing. The woman says it’s far Yummy. Veena Devi appears at Purab and tastes the meals. Purab additionally tastes the meals and likes it.

Veena Devi smiles. Thapki thinks all people favored the meals made with the aid of using me, and thank you Mata Rani for saving her. The woman visitor tells Veena Devi that they’re very satisfied to have the meals, and desires to meet the prepare dinner dinner and thank him. Purab receives up and walks into the kitchen. He asks her to return back out. Thapki says Priyanka Bhabhi has made meals. Purab says Bhabhi has now no longer even boiled the water until now. He asks her to mention and says handiest you may upload desi tadka to English meals. He introduces Thapki as his wife. The consumer tells that she may be very stunning and made cute meals.

The foreigner says I just like the taste and says it’s far amazing. The consumer says Veena Devi, you’re fortunate to have this kind of bahu. He says we are able to meet withinside the live performance and we’re searching ahead to look your performance. Veena Devi says good enough. They go away. Veena Devi thinks one issue changed into correct and thinks Thapki’s four hours are wasted and hopes she don’t end her paintings on time.

Door bell rings. Sudha opens the door. Sargam comes interior and steps on Sudha’s foot even as getting into interior. She calls Anshun. Anshun comes there and asks what happened? She says I changed into chilling withinside the eating place with my buddies, how dare you to take me in auto. I awoke in my domestic. Anchun tells her that she had fainted and her buddies left you, so I took you domestic. She says Rohit can go away her and he or she will discover the truth. She walks out angrily. Sudha says this woman may be very spoilt and could do tandav anyplace she is going as bahu. Anchun says good enough.

Purab tells Thapki that he understood that she made videshi meals as desi and foreigners favored it. He asks why did you input kitchen? Thapki says visitors changed into coming domestic and all Servants had been on holiday. She says I did what each bahu do. He says if you obtain at the moment to come to be adarshwadi bahu and says in case your paintings isn’t finished then your Manager.

She says Manager…Thapki asks why is he concerned approximately her activity? Purab says you need cash for mom’s surgical operation, I fear for her and now no longer for you. Veena Devi appears at them. Thapki says no thank you, and asks him now no longer to fear, says she can be able to whole the paintings all night time. He says good enough, I will sleep. Thapki is ready to transport the matters from the mattress. He says I will sleep in different room. She says thank you.

Veena Devi thinks to apply Priyanka to make Thapki sleep. She tells Priyanka that she can be able to now no longer supply her necklace as Thapki has cooked the meals. She tells Priyanka that she can be able to now no longer supply to Thapki as she don’t like her. She tells Priyanka that Purab is satisfied with Thapki and is establishing garments enterprise for her. She says Thapki will paintings tough and turns into proprietor quickly. She says you observe nailpaint and so on and showcase it, and simply dream of getting this necklace.

She says in case you make me satisfied a few day, then I would possibly come up with this necklace, however until then it is going to be with me. Priyanka says good enough. Veena Devi asks are you able to do my paintings and asks will you carry my slumbering pills, I need to sleep peacefully today. Priyanka says good enough and smiles. She takes tea for Thapki and provides slumbering tablet withinside the tea. She tells Thapki that very quickly her garments products may be opened. She asks her to have tea to do away with tiredness. Thapki beverages tea. Priyanka says good enough, bring on. She says Thapki will sleep in 2 minutes and her paintings may be pending. She is going from there.

Veena Devi appears at Thapki as she is making embroidery and sleeps. Veena Devi smiles and is going. Purab serves the meals withinside the plate and is derived returned to room. He says I take into account even as going returned to different room, which you didn’t have meals. He unearths her slumbering and asks her to wake up. Thapki says allow me sleep. He asks if she don’t need to do paintings. She says something. He thinks if she don’t rise up then how paintings may be finished. He continues the track device at the mattress and performs the track. Thapki receives up shockingly after which sleeps again. He thinks he has to make her unsleeping with the aid of using making use of ice cubes on her face.

Thapki receives up and says my sweat has come to be ice dice. He thinks if she took pills and immerse her legs withinside the ice dice bucket. He asks her to do paintings and whole the paintings, in order that she should get Mom’s surgical operation done. He thinks if she sleeps again, then? He thinks to be withinside the room and lies down at the sofa. She attempts to place thread withinside the needle. Purab receives up and allows her.

In the morning, Priyanka involves Veena Devi and says my stuff changed into left with you, and I forgot to invite you closing night time. Veena Devi says you didn’t do cooking. Priyanka is ready to inform that she made Thapki slept, simply then they see Thapki handing over the embroided garments to the company’s worker. The worker supply her a cheque of one lakh Rs. Priyanka says if it changed into slumbering tablet or pill to be unsleeping.

Veena Devi thinks to make Thapki know, how she were given this order. Thapki thank you Mata rani for her help and tells that one greater order and her mother’s surgical operation may be done. Thapki asks Mata Rani to offer credit score to Purab to finish the order, and says he helped me and changed into unsleeping all night time with me. Veena Devi comes there and hears thapki telling that she can be able to make meals for Purab and could supply him treat. Veena devi claps and says you’ve got got earned 1 lakh rs so quickly. She asks how are you liking your hardwork’s fruit and says you obtain this because of someone’s favor. Thapki receives thinking. Veena Devi asks her to think, the united states wherein is a lot poverty, you may get the activity so quickly. Thapki says I didn’t apprehend what are you saying.

Veena Devi says you obtain this cash because of Purab and asks did you pay attention that a karigar were given 1 lakh rs for one night time’s paintings. She says be it charity or tough earned cash, cash is cash. She is going. Thapki is teary eyes and remembers why Purab will do this. She sits shattered and upset. She cries.

Precap: Veena Devi is getting equipped for her riyaz while some guys input with sacks. Thapki informs Veena Devi that she were given a activity to grind masala/spices. She tells the guys to take the sacks to her room. She closes her room door and grinds purple chilies. Priyanka says Veena Devi’s room is throughout Thapki’s and he or she blows air below the door and spices move flying in air.


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