Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Veena Devi giving Diwali Bonus to the Servants of the residence and offers them off and asks them to enjoy. Priyanka asks why did you provide them off. Veena Devi says they want a off after running tirelessly. Priyanka says each 12 months after Diwali, worldwide companions of Veena information come to our residence for lunch. Veena Devi says I notion that day is tomorrow, I don’t bear in mind on every occasion there may be some thing incorrect at residence. She says what to do now? She says there are bahus withinside the residence,

I don’t have any hopes on Thapki and you…don’t need to make meals. She says our visitors just like the domestic meals, and says looks like I shall preserve the prize for the meals. Priyanka asks what? Veena Devi says whoever bahu makes the meals for our buyers gets this necklace. Priyanka says I will make meals some thing you say, Chinese, Mexican etc. She says she isn’t always grasping approximately the necklace, however will take it to make her sense good. Veena Devi says you’ll get it, after the visitors have meals and depart fortuitously from right here. Priyanka thinks she can be able to now no longer waste her cash and were given her nail filing simply yesterday.

Veena Devi says now Priyanka will visit Thapki’s room and could lure her together along with her buttery talks. Priyanka is going to Thapki and tells her that Doctor requested her to relaxation and Veena’s visitors are coming and she or he has to make meals. Thapki asks her to relaxation and tells that she can be able to make meals and could now no longer allow Veena Devi’s admire ruined. Veena devi says now embroidery paintings will now no longer be completed. Priyanka asks Thapki to make meals speedy and now no longer to allow Veena Chachi recognise which you made meals, as she dislikes it. Thapki says meals will be preferred with the aid of using every person, whoever receives the credit.

Thapki units the timer for two hours and thinks to make meals speedy after which end her embroidery paintings. Priyanka sits withinside the corridor and thinks to preserve an eye fixed on every person from right here, in order that no person is going to kitchen. Veena Devi asks Priyanka if she don’t have paintings. Priyanka says she goes to get ration. Veena Devi seems at Thapki withinside the kitchen and thinks she is running with speed, and can entire it speedy. She then offers a brand new listing to Priyanka and asks her to make it, because the visitors referred to as and wished. Priyanka involves Thapki. Thapki says meals is prepared in 1 hour. Priyanka asks her to preserve all of the meals withinside the refrigerator and asks her to make the meals that’s written withinside the listing.

Thapki reads and thinks she in no way heard of it. Veena Devi thinks Thapki would possibly have in no way heard approximately it, and could take an afternoon to make it. She thinks to reserve the meals from outdoor for the visitors. Thapki tests at the internet and thinks that the components aren’t at domestic. She asks Priyanka to exit and purchase the components. Priyanka says she has simply implemented the nail paint and asks her to take out the cash from the purse. Thapki is going out and brings the components. She thinks forty minutes is simply left. She begins offevolved making the meals. Priyanka begins offevolved dreaming. Sapna comes and asks Priyanka to return back and plan in opposition to Veena. Priyanka says no. Sapna says she can be able to visit kitchen and get tea. Priyanka thinks she can’t see Thapki there and asks Sapna to reserve her and she or he will make tea. She sends her. Thapki receives a name. Her boss asks her approximately the paintings status. Thapki says I will entire all of the paintings with the aid of using morning and asks him to present her sometime. He says ok. Thapki thinks there may be a lot left, simply few minutes are left. She watches the video and makes meals.

The visitors include Purab and inform that they want to move from right here inside an hour, as they’ve a meeting. Purab says surely. Priyanka thinks if Thapki made the meals. Thapki tastes the meals made with the aid of using her and makes faces. She thinks it’s far much less highly spiced, what to do. Purab asks Veena Devi to return back. Veena Devi says she can be able to are available five minutes. She calls the inn and asks whilst the meals may be delivered. The man says the shipping boy met with an twist of fate and all of the meals is ruined. She asks whilst the meals may be despatched then. He says it’s going to take 2 hours to make the meals. Veena Devi says she desires it now itself. The man says sorry. Thapki makes a video name to her mom and indicates the meals to her. She says it’s far much less highly spiced. Her mom asks her to do some thing. Thapki provides curry leaves etc.

Purab involves the room and unearths Thapki’s paintings pending. He thinks wherein is she? Priyanka tests the dishes and receives shocked. Thapki says it turned into much less highly spiced so she referred to as her mother and were given tip to make it highly spiced. Priyanka says the foreigners like much less highly spiced meals. Purab calls Veena Devi and asks her to depart. He says they ought to depart in forty five minutes. Veena Devi thinks now she has to make the visitors have meals made with the aid of using Thapki. She calls Priyanka and asks her to serve the meals. Priyanka thinks she can be able to inform that Thapki made it and may be saved. She brings the meals and continues at the table. Veena Devi sees Curry leaves in Pasta and receives shocked. The customers study the dishes. Purab hopes they just like the meals, else he can have main loss. They begin ingesting the meals. Thapki prays to God that everybody shall just like the meals.

Precap: Purab tells Thapki that she cooked Vidhesi meals as Desi and the britishers loved it, and asks what approximately your paintings? Thapki says you’re very involved for my paintings. Purab says you need cash for mother’s surgery. Thapki tells that she may be unsleeping all night time and entire her paintings. Priyanka comes there and provides napping tablet withinside the tea. She asks her to drink tea. Thapki liquids Priyanka thinks Thapki will sleep and her paintings may be incomplete. Veena Devi seems at Thapki as she sleeps.


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