Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Tai ji searching at Purab making cake. She says you’re making cake once more in a single week and asks if he had combat together along with his mother. He says Mom searched is completed, so idea to celebrate. Tai ji says your friend’s dream is broken. Purab says Hansika is proficient and could get a chance. She says it is ideal which you are obeying your mom and asks him to compromise for the peace of residence.

Veena Devi makes the meals prepared for Purab. Dadi says Shahrukh khan stated proper, if a person desires to do some thing with complete willpower then succeed. Purab calls Veena Devi. Dadi says your son is asking you. Dadi receives glad and says mother made kachori and chole for son and son made cupcakes for her. She calls Vinod, Sargam etc. Tai ji makes him have kachori and chole. He says you made it, and says you had delivered it once I became in hostel. Veena Devi tells that she has selected the singer and additionally her bahu. She congrats Purab and asks him to flavor the sweets. He stops her.

Thapki comes domestic and tells her mom that she delivered wonder present for her, as a few mad boastful man sold all her luggage today. She indicates the present. Her mom indicates her doll. Thapki says you are attempting to emotional blackmail me. Thapki’s mom stops her and says symptoms and symptoms that is you. She symptoms and symptoms and Thapki translates her, says human beings gave me terrible phrases while she became born, and Mami cursed her. She says now you turns into a person’s bahu from illegitimate daughter. She appears at her mom’s bridal dress, and says you couldn’t put on it and turn out to be the bride, however had saved it adequately till now. Her mom covers the dupatta on her head and appears at her smilingly. She symptoms and symptoms her. Thapki says your happiness lies if I agree. Sudha and Preeti them.

Purab says wherein century we’re living, and says you’ve got got constant my marriage with out asking me. Veena says I am your mom and has proper on you. He says you’ve got got proper, however in limits. He says you can’t take selections of my lifestyles. Veena Devi says you’re of marriageable age now. Purab says I recognise higher approximately my lifestyles. Veena Devi asks him to speak with manners and says I am now no longer your enemy, female is ideal, meet her once. He says once I must reject her, then why to satisfy her. He says company’s face and my marriage is different. Veena Devi says she can be able to hold you glad. Purab says I actually have plan in my lifestyles. Veena Devi asks him what’s his favourite colour? Veena Devi is speechless. He says your favourite colour is red. My favourite ee-e book and song. He tells her favourite ee-e book and song. He says it’s miles bizarre which you don’t recognise approximately your son’s favourite memories. She says I recognise while you went to Disneyland. He says my favourite second became while you used to hug me for three 2d in a year. I used to look forward to that second all year. He says you couldn’t provide me my mom, and that’s why I will seek my spouse myself. Veena Devi is bowled over and says I did a mistake, if I am seeking to set your lifestyles then what’s wrong. She says the female is ideal. Purab says she is sort of a trophy that you have won, like Veena Devi, every other Veena Devi. He refuses for the alliance. Thapki consents for the alliance for her mom’s happiness. Mama ji smiles, whilst Sudha and Preeti get bowled over and upset.

Tai ji smiles and appears at Veena Devi. Mama ji tells Thapki that she made him glad and asks her now no longer to backtrack from her decision. He receives a name and goes. Preeti pinches Sudha and says Thapki will rule and asks if we turns into her human beings. Sudha says see my surprise now. She appreciates Thapki and says you’re prepared to go away the whole thing to your mom and became frightened of your mom, however now your worry is gone. Thapki says I will cope with my mom all lifestyles. Sudha asks in case you need to take your mom in your sasural. Thapki says I will marry on a situation, and that they must take delivery of my situation, else can seek different female for his or her son. Mama ji comes there and says he were given name from Veena Devi’s residence, and that they referred to as us for Navratri Puja. He asks her now no longer to do some thing wrong. Thapki says I will speak to Veena Devi directly.

Veena Devi makes preparations of the Navratri function. She asks Tai ji if she has invited all family. Tai ji says she has invited a few guests, however haven’t referred to as a few some distance family. Veena Devi says you ought to have referred to as all family. Thapki comes there together along with her own circle of relatives. Veena appears at her and asks Thapki to get inside. Veena Devi tells Dadi that she is right here. Thapki enters and appears on the residence. She slips and falls down, the cash from her hand falls at the floor. Thapki alternatives them. Veena Devi and her own circle of relatives appears on. Dadi tells Veena that she has searched Lakshmi for the residence and Mata Rani has blessed her too. Vinod asks Veena, you stated that most effective own circle of relatives individuals are invited. Veena Devi welcomes Thapki’s own circle of relatives. Thapki touches Dadi’s ft after which Veena Devi’s ft. Veena Devi says you may contact my ft daily, will live right here soon. She says I will display my residence to you and asks others to return back too. She asks Thapki, if she favored her sasural. Thapki nods her head. Veena Devi asks Vinod to satisfy their Samdhi and Samdhan and additionally their bahu. Vinod says suddenly. Veena Devi says it’s miles a wonder for our son, I will announce infront of media and family that Purab and Thapki will marry, and until then don’t inform anyone. Thapki thinks to hold her situation earlier than Veena Devi.

Precap might be brought later..


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