Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

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The episode begins offevolved with Veena Devi getting stunned seeing the video. Priyanka acts and asks what’s this message? Thapki sees the video on Purab’s telecellsmartphone and receives stunned. Vinod asks what’s this Thapki? Dadi says Thapki can’t say this, she will be able to’t inform this. Sapna says face is of Thapki, and says voice can’t be stolen via way of means of anyone. Priyanka says such matters unfold and Veena Chachi’s picture could be ruined and asks Thapki why she has completed this.

Thapki says one aunty got here withinside the morning, I talked to her, however didn’t recognise that she changed into making video. Sapna asks what changed into the want to open mouth infront of outsiders. Thapki says I had advised her….Priyanka says forestall it, Veena Chachi’s popularity is ruined infront of the humans. Thapki attempts to inform Dadi. Veena Devi says addiction doesn’t alternate and says whilst snake is introduced up withinside the residence, it’ll chew surely. She says the those who stammers, has the dust in her coronary heart. Veena Devi asks Dadi to look what her pricey one has completed. Dadi and others depart. Thapki asks Purab, if he thinks that she will be able to say this. Purab is going from there with out answering her. Thapki appears on sad.

Veena Devi involves the room and receives indignant, breaks the vase and the dressing desk stuff. Sapna and Priyanka laugh, listening to the noise coming from her room. Priyanka tells Sapna that sh has completed this via her modifying capabilities and says you taunt me. Sapna tells that she won’t forestall till she receives no. 1 role on this residence. Priyanka says and I need to grow to be your no. 1 bahu. Dadi and Vinod ask Veena Devi to open the door. Sargam asks her to open the door. Thapki tells Dadi that she didn’t inform that. Dadi says I recognise, however you need to evidence infront of Veena and others which you are proper. They depart from there. Thapki is ready to knock at the door, and hears the breaking sound, thinks Maa ji offers a danger to clarify, I didn’t do this. She says till you comes out, I will take a seat down here. She sits out of doors Veena’s room and hears greater noise.

In the morning, she continues to be seated out of doors Veena’s room. She receives a call. Veena Devi comes out of the room. Thapki comes at the back of Veena Devi and says swear on Mata Rani, I didn’t say like that. Veena Devi asks Sapna to invite her to live away. Sapna asks thapki to live away. Thapki asks Veena to provide a danger to her. Priyanka says if she clears the problem,

then I could be exposed. Thapki says I advised that aunty that Maa ji is…Sapna asks donkey. Thapki says I stated you can’t be incorrect. She says I advised which you are….Priyanka asks ghost. Thapki says God. She says I advised her that I am introduced up listening to your melodious song. Veena Devi says forestall it, I don’t have the energy to endure any greater dramas. Priyanka says Chachi is slapped because of you, and we’re pronouncing incorrect to push your stammering wheel. Veena Devi says it isn’t your mistake Priyanka, this lady and her mirrored image is all black and asks her now no longer to wish of forgiveness from her. Purab comes there and says proper Mom,

don’t overlook Thapki. He says you’ve got got continually completed what you thinks proper and says I need to expose you something, earlier than you’re taking a decision. He holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to the hall. Sapna and Priyanka and collect withinside the hall. Sapna asks what you need to expose? Purab says permit mother come. He performs the video whilst Veena comes. Everyone sees the actual video wherein Thapki praises Veena Devi and telling the female that Veena Devi has selected her for this residence, and he or she is God to me and I regard her as my Guru, and that’s why I will now no longer pay attention a unmarried phrase in opposition to her. video ends. Purab says it changed into now no longer Thapki’s mistake, reality is infront of you. She says sincere humans don’t have any value, a person has edited this video and despatched, so you can get indignant on Thapki. Vinod asks who can do this?

Purab says the female with whom Thapki had talked, is our relative and he or she stated that a person is likewise involved. Sargam says such humans will be jailed. Priyanka and Sapna appearance scared. Purab says that humans are our close to ones, and tells that it’s far clean that whoever voice is having problem, it isn’t important that their coronary heart is bad. He says you may now no longer say whatever now, and asks will you make an apology to Thapki for some thing you had advised her. Thapki says I don’t want this, it isn’t her mistake. Veena devi receives disenchanted and is going.

Veena Devi talks to a person and asks if she is relative or enemy and says I actually have despatched you unique video, watch it and forestall troubling me. She ends the call. Sapna comes there and says you changed into nearly ruined, and says it is ideal that the problem is settled. She asks her to drink ginger tea and asks her to simply accept Thapki as she is her bahu now. She says you’ve got got an amazing son, however he scolded you for wife. She says he talked to you want this, infront of everyone. Veena Devi says if Purab desired then he should have ended this rely withinside the room. She says I actually have in no way completed drama like this. Sapna says Thapki’s braveness will boom with Purab’s support. Veena says I don’t care. Sapna says she is your bahu and staying in opposition to your wish. She says Purab celebrated Diwali together along with her or even danced together along with her. She asks her to maintain eye on Purab and says thapki is controlling him and he’s dropping control. She says you’ve got got simply one son, if he is going then what is going to be left for you. Veena says Purab will continually maintain me above Thapki, amidst the differences. Sapna says if Thapki cuts the thread among Purab and you, then the thread can break. She asks her to drink tea and is going.

Ashok calls Thapki and asks if she is nice? Thapki says the whole thing is nice and I am nice. He asks approximately Diwali. Thapki recollects Priyanka and Veena’s taunts. She says I idea that the Diwali could be spent in darkness, however much like there’s a mild after each darkness, mild changed into scattered. She says I made aata diya and celebrated Diwali much like Maa advised. Ashok says you’re glad in that residence. He says Doctor stated that he wishes to do behna’s surgical procedure else she will be able to lose her voice. Thapki says from in which we are able to manipulate the expenses. Ashok says 2 lakh rs is organized and tells that Purab got here the day gone by and gave the cheque. He says Purab referred to as a large health care provider from America to do his saas’s surgical procedure. Thapki receives happy and touched. She thank you Purab for some thing he has completed for her. He says I actually have completed for mother. Thapki thank you him for her mother too and says I can’t take cash from you. He says once more you’re starting, and tells that even you’ve got got completed so much. He asks her now no longer to do it once more. Thapki says I actually have idea this residence as mine, and completed it. Purab asks if I despatched cheque questioning them as stranger. Thapki asks if he accepts their marriage now.

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