Thai Model Offered Lakhs For Her Old Iphone 12 Here's Why

Thai Model Offered Lakhs For Her Old Iphone 12 Here’s Why: A lady’s Facebook post has turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment. In reality, this lady is a model from Thailand, who shared a few photos of her iPhone 12 Genius Max and composed on Facebook that she needs to sell the telephone. Alongside this, he likewise composed that the purchaser will likewise get an assortment of his photos and cuts present in the versatile. Soon after hearing this deal, individuals consented to give a large number of old iPhone. Indeed, a client has presented the model to 8 lakh 60 thousand rupees of iPhone 12 Star Max. In any case, some remarked on the model’s post, while some inquired as to whether you were not kidding around about this.

The 26-year-old model, who shared a post on Facebook selling her iPhone, is named Kanokyada ‘Ka-Nan’ Jeetampone. Sharing photos of her iPhone on September 18, she composed that she needs to sell the old iPhone and purchase the iPhone 14 Master Max 128GB. You will likewise get my photographs and recordings present in it alongside the portable. At the hour of composing the news, the model’s Facebook post has accumulated 71 thousand additional preferences and 2.2 thousand offers. Additionally, multiple thousand individuals have given their criticism on this.

There are great many pictures and recordings in the phone, the

lady let the fans know that she wouldn’t erase any photos or recordings currently in her versatile. The lady guarantees that her telephone has around 30,000 photographs and 4,000 recordings. Coincidentally, after the lady’s post became famous online, she has a proposal of up to Rs.50 to purchase 20 new iPhones. Brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, this model of Thailand is very famous via web-based entertainment. He is trailed by 1,696,405 clients on Facebook. While he has in excess of 5 lakh devotees on Instagram. In any case, even after certain fans offered a robust sum, the model has not yet chosen to give the telephone to anybody.


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