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TG To Union Minister Anurag Thakur, We Are Orphans, Even Ramasimhan’s Film Is Not Allowed: RSS ideologue TG Mohandas has said that the Censor Board will not give a certificate to the film ‘Puzha Todi Puzha Vaari’ directed by director Ali Akbar alias Ramasimhan Abu Bakar. Union Information and Distribution Minister Anurag Thakur requested to intervene in the matter, T.G. Mohandas tweeted.

‘We from Kerala are tweeting this to get the Central Ceaser Board certificate for the Malayalam film Puzha To Puzha Paa based on the 1921 Hindu Genocide.

Our applications were rejected. Poor producer Ramasimhan has now approached the Kerala High Court. TG Mohandas wrote in a tweet addressing Anurag Thakur that we are orphans.

Union Minister of State V. Muralidharan, BJP state president K. Addressing Surendran, TG Mohandas sought support on Twitter.

TG wants to support the petition filed in the High Court demanding permission to release the film ‘Puzha Todi Puzha Hapa’ and cooperate to bring out the truth about the 1921 Hindu Genocide. Mohandas tweeted on Friday.

Yesterday, TG said that Ramasimhan had approached the High Court with his film, but the Central Board of Film Certification’s regional officer was not granting the certificate. Mohandas shared the note on social media.

‘Finally, Ramasimhan has reached the High Court with his film. But if Parvathy is the regional office of the Central Board of Film Certification, Ramasimhan will not get justice.
Even if the High Court verdict goes against it, Parvathy can overcome it.
However, how much anti-Hinduism, how much injustice Parvati, how much contempt for history. Mohandas posted on Facebook.

Earlier, TG Mohandas had come out against the Censor Board’s request to remove some scenes from the film. On that day, Mohandas shared a note on Twitter saying that Ramasimhan is wandering in the streets.

Earlier, TG Mohandas had come forward with allegations that the Central Censor Board had suggested some cuts in the film. Mohandas also noted that Ramasimhan painfully accepted it. He had said that if the movie goes bad after the scenes are cut, everyone will blame Ramasimhan and the movie will not have only Mapila Lahala, but only the dry river as written by ONV.


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