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TET Case: TMC MLA Removed From Chairman Post Of Nadia Primary Education Council: Trinamool MLA Bimalendu Sinharai has been removed from the post of Chairman of Nadia District Primary Education Board after one year and one month of assuming office. Nadia District Magistrate (DM) Shashank Shetty will serve as the chairman of the Primary Education Board for the time being. However, it is not yet clear why MLA Bimalendu Sinharaya was removed from the post of Nadia District Primary Education Council Chairman.

After receiving the charge of Primary Education Council Chairman, District Magistrate Shashank Shetty said on Friday afternoon, “I have been informed to take charge. The district school inspector is looking into the matter.” However, Trinamool’s Krishnanagar organizational district spokesperson Debashis Roy said, “Who will leave or come from that position or whether someone else will be kept as a representative or not, it is a complete administrative decision. Party level doesn’t matter.”

Bimalendu Singha Roy is also the MLA of Karimpur. A few days ago, Karimpur MLA Bimalendu Singh Roy, by promising to get a Trinamool (TMC) worker the organizational post of block president, complained to the Krishnanagar Superintendent of Police that the MLA had cheated the TMC worker of Rs 7 lakh. Karimpur Legislative Assembly MLA Bimalendu Sinharay has allegedly taken 7 lakh rupees in the name of a party fund by pretending to be block president of Trinamool Block 2, Karimpur. A few days ago, after the name of the new block president was announced, retired Trinamool soldier Hasan Ali Mandal allegedly threatened the MLA in various ways when he asked for the money back.

He made a written complaint to the Krishnanagar Superintendent of Police referring to all those incidents. Hasan Ali Mandal’s statement was, “I paid money, but I did not get it back. So I have complained to Krishnanagar Superintendent of Police. But I don’t have any proof of payment. As per the law, so shall it be. Even, no one has persuaded me to file a complaint.” Denying the allegation, MLA Bimalendu Singharai said, “All false. Hasan Ali’s allegations are completely false and motivated. I will completely retire from political life if the allegations against me of taking money are proven. Someone might have some motivation behind making false accusations. I have filed a complaint with Krishnanagar Superintendent of Police and Karimpur Police Station for this false allegation.” Karimpur police arrested Hasan Ali Mandal and took him to the police station for questioning.

According to sources, several complaints have been filed in the name of Bimalendu Sinharaya in the school education department. Along with allegations of corruption in the appointment of teachers, allegations of corruption are also being raised in the appointment of primary teachers. ED and CBI are investigating the allegations on the orders of the court. Manik Bhattacharya, the ousted president of the Board of Primary Education, has already been arrested. Several primary teachers have lost their jobs following the High Court order. In the meantime, many people think that it is significant to remove Bimalendu Sinharaya from the post of Chairman of the Primary Education Board after taking responsibility for only one year and one month.

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