Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
biji asks jogi what happened? Are you on a hunger strike? He says yes. My mom has end up extra of a mil than a mom these days. Let mahi go to tiha. Their house is in front folks. Rupa says so that you got here with her case? Jogi says to bury the beyond, please. She says now will tell me what to do? Rupa says they attempted to kill you. It’s clever to stay faraway from them. Jogi says however i’m fine. Not anything passed off to me due to the fact mahi took that bullet to shop me. Thank god she’s alive. Rupa says how can i overlook all that befell. Biji says you’re right rupa however you should additionally remember the fact that jogi is married. He must be a husband too. Biji says jogi be cautious. Don’t deliver any anxiety for your mom. Jogi hugs rupa and asks what’s troubling you? I’m sorry. Biji says if mahi wants to pass permit her.

Rupa puts jogi’s hand on her head and says you won’t visit that residence. If mahi wants to go there, she will be able to however you gained’t cross there. Jogi says k. Permit her pass now. She nods. Jogi says to mahi come down. She’s cleaning the fan. Mahi says let me easy. He steps at the ladder too. Mahi says we are able to each fall. He says i will fall first and hold you. Mahi says you’re crazy. He says i won’t deliver the coolest information. She says to procure a brand new reserving? Did we get a milk order? He says how materialistic. Bebe agreed to send you to tiha. Mahi hugs him. He says see my expertise. Jogi says however she gave one condition that i’m able to’t go there with you. Mahi receives disillusioned. He says you go, cope with your self. Mahi says with out you? He says yes however just be cautious. Take care. Mahi says don’t fear. He says hold video calling me. Mahi says i may be ok. Permit me call and tell mummy. Mahi calls seema and tells her.

Scene 2
seema says mahi is coming. She dances. Renu says what a great threat. Shalu says chanda has planned something. Renu says we both can plan some thing that ashamed chanda and we win in the front of pappu’s eyes. We have to win from each facets. Shalu says you’re proper. Renu says let’s fly excessive most effective now. Shalu says deal. Akash goes in. Jogi stops him. He says what’s all this? He says all of this is for tiha. He says mahi likes golden. She likes to healthy things. Akash says i recognise her since youth. Jogi says she’s wearing green and golden toady. Akash says thank you for telling. Subsequently, something fine is occurring. Why aren’t you ready? He says i’m now not coming. He says you already know pappu is problem and chanda is toxic. I’m just concerned for mahi. It’s time to take care of your sister. Call me if there’s any chance. Akash says i’m able to stay circulate the whole function. You may watch it in your cellphone. Jogi says nicely accomplished.

Scene 3
chanda says to arjun i die for you to talk naughty to me. Renu takes the telephone and says you received’t get some thing. Chanda says what’s that misbehavior. This turned into reasonably-priced. Renu says you want to make your friendship unique with arjung right? You need to turn out to be mahi’s friend for that first and handiest we will let you. I need things like you and shalu wishes pappu’s love. If we tell mahi you deliberate to kill jogi, she can hate you the most. And arjun will dump you. So if you want to be with arjun do what we ask. Chanda says what’s going to i should do? Renu says upload please. Renu says we should make her realize the bullet became for us. You brainwashed us and we need to patch up now. Chanda says ok.

Scene four
mahi touches rupa’s feet and says our thoughts and approaches is probably distinctive however one issue is commonplace, our love for jogi. I am going there with a plan and until i succeed i won’t come lower back.

Episode ends.

Precap-mahi comes to the house and recollects being shot. Mahi says to shalu why did you each try and shoot my husband?


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