Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Biji says whoever discovers the cash, they will have it. Jogi says on the off chance that you both discover it you will offer it to me. However, in the event that Mahi discovers it I will not get anything. Biji says how about we begin taking a gander at them. Rupa and Mahi continue to stand. Jogi says I can’t win. Rupa says you can’t lose as long as I am there. Rupa and Biji begin searching for cash. Mahi says I wish my family believed me and I was with them yet they would even prefer not to see my face. Biji says to Jogi what to do? Jogi says claims to have corrosiveness. You will require cumming seeds.

Biji shouts my head harms. I have corrosiveness. Bring zeera. Mahi brings it.. The cash is in the container. Jogi says goodness wow Mahi won. Cash is found. Mahi is stunned. Biji says goodness Mahi you won. Mahi offers it to Biji. Jogi says you won it. You can give us a gathering. Biji says I would go out on the town to shop. Jogi says then Mahi you likewise go out on the town to shop. Rupa says you won it keep it. Go purchase new garments. Mahi says this was completely arranged right? Mahi says Biji this is your cash. I take blessings that I can return. Biji says I will not take it back by any means. I told the standard. Mahi says it was totally arranged. If it’s not too much trouble. She offers them to Biji. Jogi says I need to return your 6500. Mahi reviews he hit his bicycle in her vehicle. He says you can keep that and returns the rest. Mahi returns 4k. She says reasonable play.

Scene 2

Mahi sits in her room. Mahi says I just ward on my vehicle for cash. I won’t ever take cash from anybody. Mahi spruces up and cleans the house. Jogi is snoozing. Mahi covers his face from the sun. She makes tea. Rupa says you don’t need to do this. I can do this. Biji says you continue to battle constantly even before the day begins. You continue to rest how can Mahi respond? What an astounding tea. Mahi I never had such tea. Rupa says to Mahi what would you like to demonstrate? Mahi says a few group have a propensity for working. She takes a gander at Jogi and says a few group like being pointless. I can’t sit pointlessly. I take care of my job. Rupa says I do as well. I needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance. Mahi says I am paying rent for living in this house. I don’t have cash. On the off chance that I were your DIL I will not be doing this. I will drain the cows as well. Biji says wow Mahi very much done. You’re really great DIL. Rupa says in case you’re done we need to circulate the milk.

Biji cries and says I slipped. My foot harms.. How might I go? How might Rupa go alone? Mahi says let me check. Biji says how might Rupa gp alone? Individuals grab the cash. Mahi says I will go with her don’t stress. Biji says great you go with her. Mahi says it useful for Biji to remain here. Biji says go you will get late. Go Rupa. Mahi picks the milk with Rupa. Jogi says all around played Biji.

Mahi places the milk on bicycle. Rupa and Mahi contact the key together. Mahi says I can ride it. Rupa says truly? Try not to be keen. Mahi says I never met a mishap. Rupa says your life’s vehicle had a greater number of mishaps than pushing forward. Mahi says for what reason do you generally insult? Rupa says I am saying reality. Try not to drive. Mahi says alright you drive. Mahi sits with her.

Scene 3

Pappu says I can’t do anything. Chanda says I will deal with Arjun. Try not to stress. However, plan something for this tabela please. This tabela is my diversion. Chanda says I have an arrangement to demolish Jogi and Mahi. Pappu says I generally lost. Chanda says I will give you a thought. Make them more grounded, they will break more grounded also. They will break one another. Chanda says I will demolish Mahi’s life.

Jogi sees Mahi drying her hair. He pulls her nearby. He’s envisioning. Mahi says what’s going on with you? Don’t wanna get up? He says my eyes aren’t opening. Help me, please.. Mahi sprinkles water from her hair all over.. She leaves.. Jogi pulls her.

Precap-Pankaj calls Jogi and says you need to help Mahi? you need an advance for it. Have you known about Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Amritsar’s dance rivalry? It will give champs 5 lacs. Jogi educates Mahi concerning it.She says I don’t haev time for this. He says the prize is 5 lacs. It will tackle a ton of your porblems. Mahi stops.


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