Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Jogi holds Mahi’s hand. Mahi says what do you need? He says my significant other.. He says my significant other’s hand. It’s tingling on my back. Would you be able to do it? Mahi brings a pole and says sure I can do it. Jogi says what don’t hit me. Mahi says you can utilize it. He says much obliged.

Chanda gives Jogi’s image of a wheelchair to Pappu. He says this is my ticket. Rupa needs to go for conveyance. Her bicycle has a penetrated tire. Mahi says you will not get late. She replaces the tire for her. Mahi says now you can go. Rupa gestures.

Scene 2

Seema says to Renu you continue to stay here throughout the day. I was working the entire day.. On the off chance that Mahi were here. Renu says who? Akash says Mahi? Renu says your Mahi has made this house miserable. See she is wearing those tabela garments. Akash says so what? Seema says she’s nothing to me.

Dharam says she never talked you back. Seema says don’t take her name. Dharam says you took her name. Mahi will return to her home. Priya says Akash Mahi’s wardrobe is vacant. Seema aunt consumed all her garments. What will I take for her? Akash says would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, call her? I need to converse with her. Priya calls Mahi.. Akash says Mahi didi it’s me. Mahi says Akash.. how are yo? is everything alright? He says if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. You generally upheld me and I didn’t uphold you when you required me. I was so terrified to call you. I figured you will not pick it. He says I won the nearby competition. I made a twofold century. I got 2000 in the prize. I need to offer it to you as a wedding blessing. Get some garments. She says numbskull, offer it to mummy daddy. He says however mummy consumed all your garments. Mahi says I have garments here don’t stress. Offer it to mummy father they will like it. Biji hears.

Scene 2

Pappu shows Jogi’s image to Rai and says see how I dealt with Jogi. Rai says you can dazzle kids with it. I keep my eyes open. I realize how Jogi’s leg destitute. Try not to make me fool. Do what I asked or you will not get anything.

Pappu plays music. Mahi washes garments. Biji says to Jogi Mahi needs new garments. She gives him cash and says take her out for shopping. Jogi says she will not go. Biji says I will disclose to her it’s shagun. Jogi says she doesn’t acknowledge this wedding. Biji says she should. Jogi says I suffer a heart attack.

Mahi checks the register. Rupa returns. Mahi makes entires. Rupa says don’t attempt to intrigue me. You’re not useful for my Jogi. Mahi says Jogi isn’t beneficial for me. Rupa says I don’t care for anybody working for me. Mahi says I don’t care for sitting futile all things considered. Rupa says remember your place. Mahi says there certain errors here in estimations. You need to take 5,000 from Punjab journals. Mahi says to check it once. RUpa checks it and there’s really a slip-up.

Biji comes out crying. She says I lost 10,000 rupees. I kept them some place. Rupa says where did you take them? biji says from your satchel. Rupa says you took from my tote? Biji says I can’t discover them. Jogi says enough of this battle. I can’t see this. Jogi cries and says see my pain..Biji says I needed to do such countless ceremonies. Mahi says don’t stress Biji. Jogi says how about we play a game. Whoever discovers the cash will get it. Biji says wow what a game. We should play.

Scene closes.

Precap-Biji cries and my foot harms.. Bring zeera.. Mahi brings the container and cash is in it. Biji says wow you won. Mahi says so cash is mine? Biji and Jogi say yes. Mahi says and this game was arranged. Mahi says regardless of how diligently they attempt I will not take the cash.


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