Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Renu hears Avnit telling somebody that Jogi needs additional time, he can’t sing preppy melodies. Avnit hears somebody outside and shuts the entryway. Renu runs from that point.

Renu comes to Mahi and says I saw Avnit-Jogi together at this point. Mahi says Jogi left subsequent to battling with me so Avnit exploited it. Renu reveals to her beginning and end. Mahi says how would i be able to respond? Renu says accomplish something, she can trap Jogi in her affection. Mahi says I know my better half, he isn’t care for other people. Renu says yet she is evolving him. Mahi says yet Jogi figures I couldn’t care less with regards to him.

Renu says don’t cry like this, all will be well. God is with you, your significant other loves you worry don’t as well. Mahi grins and embraces her. She says all will be great, it’s simply a terrible time. Renu says when Jogi will not have the option to sing tomorrow then Jogi may understand. She tells how Avnit told on the call that he will not have the option to sing tomorrow. Mahi says assuming Jogi can’t sing tomorrow, he will separate. I can’t allow that to occur.

In the first part of the day, Jogi returns to his room. Mahi says I was unable to rest without you. Jogi says I rested soundly. He attempts to disregard her however Mahi says I am heartbroken. I ought to have remained by you. You can compose any melody you need however I need you to set aside time and not sing today.

Jogi says why? Mahi says since when you experiment then you need to give it an opportunity to make it awesome. Jogi reviews Avnit’s words that Mahi doesn’t confide in him. Jogi says relax, I have effectively composed my tune. Mahi says you will not sing it for me? Jogi says leave me. Mahi says never. Jogi says Avnit has assumed the liability for taking care of my tunes and my work so let it be. Mahi looks on.

Scene 2

Mahi goes to Avnit’s room and says you were with Jogi the previous evening? Avnit says what are you doing here? Mahi says you know why. Avnit says I need Jogi to perform yet you don’t need him to. Mahi says you realize Jogi isn’t prepared and in the event that he can’t perform, he may separate totally. Avnit says for what reason do you hold preventing me back from accomplishing something pleasant for him? Mahi says I can’t turn away from reality? I’m beseeching you to give some an ideal opportunity to Jogi, he needs more practice. Avnit sees Jogi remaining behind Mahi and says to Mahi that you figure Jogi can’t accomplish anything all alone? Do you have to make him practice so he can perform? Do you think he is futile without you?

Mahi says dislike that. You know Jogi’s melody isn’t acceptable, he needs additional time. Avnit says Jogi’s tune is a superhit, you don’t think a lot about tunes worry don’t as well. Jogi has as of now idealized this melody. Mahi says I realize he isn’t prepared, he needs me at the present time. Jogi says something else what Mahi? Mahi is paralyzed to see him there. She says I simply think you need more opportunity to rehearse. Jogi says you said that I am not prepared and I need your assistance. You never changed your considerations about me, you actually think I am pointless and brainless. Mahi says dislike that. Jogi says you figure I can’t accomplish anything throughout everyday life,

I am only a joke to everybody. Mahi says don’t say that. Jogi says you have utilized these words for me. Jogi says you think I am nothing without you, I would sing and move when you request me to, I am not your better half but rather a toy for you right? Mahi is harmed hearing that. Avnit requests that Mahi not spread cynicism today, she requests that Jogi not take the pressure and we should go from here. She holds his hand and takes him from that point. Mahi is harmed seeing all that.

Rupa brings parsad to Jogi and says I have said sorry to Avnit too. She offers her parsad yet Avnit stops her. She holds her hand and says Jogi needs your favors today. Arjun comes there and says give me endowments as well. He attempts to embrace Jogi yet he stops him. Jogi says I became more acquainted with you were simply professing to have confidence in my ability. Avnit asks Arjun how he got injured? Arjun reviews how Avnit had harmed him.

He says I tumbled down. How about we sit tight for the maker. Mahi goes to the mandir and attempts to light diya however Avnit stops her. She says Rupa previously appealed to God for Jogi so you don’t have to light diya, Jogi needs you the present moment so we should go. Mahi says what do you need? Avnit checks out the diya and is strained.

PRECAP – Jogi begins singing his preppy melody. The maker likes it. Mahi attempts to embrace him yet Jogi says you should be harmed that you were off-base? You like to be in every case right? Mahi is harmed hearing that.


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