Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Biji prays and says it’s been 3 years. In those 3 years you gave loads of pain. I saved looking ahead to my Mahi. Please do a miracle that my Mahi comes returned to this house. She hears music. There’s a celebration happening in Jogi’s room. He beverages with Avnit, Arjun and Chanda. He’s come to be a huge star. Jogi says Avnit.. She is available in a saree. Jogi says you get matters earlier than I say them. Jogi says why is my glass empty? She says permit me fill. Arjun says please signal this contract. it’s critical. He says critical for them, now no longer me. Avnit offers him extra beverages. Jogi says there are numerous organizations however handiest one me. It might be 1 crore. Not a penny less. Arjun says receive my suggestion. Accept this offer. Jogi says who’re you to indicate me? Arjun says I am the only who were given you our damage and made you a superstar. Jogi slaps him and says this celebration is due to my modern tune being superhit. Everyone performs in your success. There are many puppies round me to inform me they made me a superstar. I have become a celebrity due to my voice and style. And yes, he pulls Avnit and says becasue of her. She turned into with me at each step. She were given me my damage. You’re a servant and be that. When your organization close down, you had been on road. I gave you cash. Go now. Arjun says ok I will say now no longer to him.

Jogi says display me the way you beg first. Arjun says there’s a limit. I am our employee. Not your slave. Jogi says I recognize puppies such as you and I hold you on my toes. He shoves Arjun. He falls in Rupa’s feet. Biji says is that the way you behave with a guest? Avnit says Arjun attempted to speak returned to Jogi. He deserved it. Rupa says I assume Jogi drank a piece lot today. Biji says bit? Rupa says it’s a festival. Kids had been partying.

Scene 2
The children play firecrackers out of doors. It’s Pappu with Shalu and his son. They stay in tabela now. Pappu laughs and says such right crakers. They’re so loud. He says Pinku you furthermore mght play. He says there are such new crackers withinside the marketplace and also you get those. Pappu says those are the besy ones. He says Model ji you play the flare. She runs after him and says don’t name me version ji. Do I appearance version on this 1k dress? He says subsequent yr I gets you some thing you want.

Biji says on Diwali we used to have pooja. And now all this? Those tabela wala are higher than us. Jogi says they don’t have really well worth to shop for extra than 2 crackers. Jogi is going to his room. He says what does Arjun consider himself? He has commenced speaking returned to me? Mahi says you probably did right. You ought to display his vicinity to him. I am usually there for you, for all of your need. She comes near kiss him. Jogi receives up in anger and says their crackers have ruind my peace. I will throw a bomb on their tabela. Avnit says I advised you now no longer to allow them to stay here. You ought to relax.

Biji says Rupa Jogi has changed. He says humans alternate with time. He’s wealthy now. He needed to undertake this style. Biji says cash has blinded you. This darkness will stop Jogi. Rupa says my Jogi is satisfied and so am I. She leaves.

Scene three
Jogi receives up in center of the night. Winds blow. Avnit involves him. She says Jogi are you ok? He says thank God you came. Avnit says why didn’t you sleep? He says I can’t sleep. Avnit says didn’t you’re taking your napping pill? He says I did. But my head is hurting like I will die. Avnit says don’t worry. I actually have a solution. Avnit says I actually have waited lots in those 3 years however you in no way permit me come close to you. But no extra wait. We turns into existence companions now. After commercial enterprise companions. Avnit says don’t worry. My contact will lessen all of your pain. She caresses him.

Someone enters the house. Lights cross off. Jogi says what passed off to the mild? Avnit says it’s ok. It might be returned. He says you recognize I experience suffocated withinside the dark. please check. Avnit says permit me check. Jogi says get my injection too. My head it hurting. Someone lighting fixtures candles out of doors the house. Biji sees them. She says who mild those candles? She sees footsteps and smiles. Mahi study bhajan with Shalu and pooja. Jogi says whose voice is that? Jogi comes out to check. Jogi comes out of doors the tabela. Mahi feels his presence. Jogi stands out of doors the gate.

Episode ends.

Precap-Avnit involves the tabela. She sees Mahi. She’s shocked. Avnit calls Arjun and says Mahi is returned. If Jogi sees her the whole thing might be ruined. For Jogi Mahi is useless so make it official. End Mahi’s distress too.


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