Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Jogi is sitting in his room tragically. Mahi comes there and grins at him. Jogi gets some distance from her. Mahi says we chose to never rest while battling. Jogi says let me rest. Mahi says you actually need to compose that melody? Jogi says yes. Mahi says you are not this man, you can’t compose these modest melodies. Jogi says thank you for showing no confidence in me. Mahi says I generally believed you so how might you say that? Jogi says Avnit has accomplished such a great deal for us however you actually question her. Mahu says I can’t overlook her deeds.

I realize you dislike this, she is transforming you into a man that you are not. Jogi says you think I am a blockhead, pointless and a slave like your sister said? Mahi is shocked to hear all that. Jogi says when Arjun abused me then you halted me yet you didn’t let out the slightest peep to your sister since you additionally think a similar right? you know the genuine accomplice who is continually defending you however you don’t need me to succeed on the grounds that you are terrified that you would lose your title of being a dependable spouse? You need to keep me as a slave.

Mahi says Avnit has made you indescribably pleased with poison for me. Jogi says yes since I am a blockhead who might pay attention to everybody? You can proceed to mess with your sister about me. He says our marriage was a trade off so I will not force myself on you. He takes his cushion and leaves it from that point. Mahi is harmed.

Rupa comes to Avnit and says I slapped you so I am heartbroken. I was unable to see you are doing this for Jogi. We have a little manner of thinking. I know how I managed you was off-base so pardon me if possible. I can’t thank you enough. Avnit reviews her slapping and is irate. Rupa inquires as to whether she can’t excuse her? Avnit turns away. Rupa says fine, I have harmed you so I will rebuff myself. She begins hitting her hand on the divider however Avnit stops her. You resemble my mom so how might you do this? You realize I love you so you have a right. You won’t hurt yourself like this. Rupa says Jogi opened my eyes for you. You are imperative to him and he is essential to you. Avnit figures I will deliver retribution on Rupa at the ideal opportunity. My words are influencing Jogi which is acceptable.

Jogi is dozing on the couch. Avnit comes there and gives him a cover. She inquires as to whether he battled with Mahi? Jogi says it’s a little battle among a couple. Avnit sits with him and says Mahi is extremely fortunate to get a spouse like you. You generally conceal Mahi’s slip-ups. You are a decent spouse. She says what have you composed? Sing that tune for me. Jogi says just you trust me. Avnit says couldn’t care less with regards to them.

Simply do what your heart says. She draws nearer to him. Avnit says we can sing it together. Avnit plays music for him. The two of them have a good time. Renu comes there and sees all that. She thinks this Avnit is catching Jogi. Jogi gets drained and rests on the couch. Avnit grins at him. She puts a cover on him and strokes his face affectionately. Renu stows away and sees all. Avnit kisses Jogi’s cheek. She gets a call and leaves from that point. Renu goes behind her.

Avnit tells on the call that Jogi needs more opportunity to sing these sorts of melodies, he isn’t prepared yet we need to continue to push so he doesn’t lose trust. Renu thinks she continued tricking Jogi. Avnit hears her voice and goes to check. Renu stows away from her.

PRECAP – Avnit discloses to Mahi that Jogi’s tune is superhit. Mahi says you realize Jogi isn’t prepared, he actually needs me. Jogi hears all that and says to Mahi you think I am as yet that futile and nitwit who can’t prevail throughout everyday life. I’m simply a joke for you. Mahi is harmed hearing all that.


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