Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Mahi stops Askash’s hand. Mahi does their funeral. She remembers her moments with Renu and Seema. Mahi remembers what Avnit stated. Jogi comes and says Mahi… Mahi says are you satisfied now? He says what are you announcing? She says due to you my mother and sister aren’t anyt any more. Jogi says I realize you’re harm however what are you announcing? Mahi says I am announcing the reality and I were announcing it. But usually stood together along with her and helped her. Avnit killed my mother and sister. I instructed you ways Avnit is. Everyone is shocked. Mahi cries. Mahi says she killed my mother and sister. Arjun says in coronary heart I knew. Jogi says are you accusing her of murder? Mahi says she confessed herself. Jogi says please calm down. I will discover the individual that did it. Mahi says Avnit did it. Jogi says she can’t kill anyone. Mahi says you’re blinded via way of means of her. Don’t contact me. You will handiest contact me whilst you see Avnit’s reality. Mahi leaves.

Scene 2
Mahi comes domestic and says Avnit.. AVnit says I become expecting you. I realize you’re harm. You misplaced your mother and sister. I misplaced my mother too. No one could ever take her place. But Jogi have become my motive to live. I don’t realize how I fell in love with him. I went to London to end up some thing for him and heard he married you. You burned my love. My love have become my war. I got here returned to combat for my love which you don’t value. Mahi says you’re incorrect like usually. Your love is one sided. He handiest considers you his buddy. You are loopy. Avnit says you believe you studied I am loopy? No one is aware my love. You can’t have proper on my love. I am now no longer. I did authentic love. No one is perfect. I can’t go away my Jogi. I am loopy for him. Mahi says you’ve got got crossed all limits. God will in no way pardon you on your sin. You could be punished. and I will punish you.

AVnit says how are you going to punish me? Kill me? Mahi says I am now no longer like you. You will confess to every body approximately what you probably did to mother, di and Akash. Everyone will see your reality. Avnit says we are able to see. My love tale’s ravan is you so that you should go. Let’s quit your tale here. She takes out a knife. Avnit stabs herself. Mahi is shocked. Avnit falls. Mahi says Avnit.. Mahi takes the dagger out. Everyone comes in.

Scene 3
The subsequent morning, the medical doctor exams Avnit and says she’s out of danger. Call me regularly. Jogi sits with Avnit and says are you okay? Mahi says he.. Akash says there’s police outside. Inspector says the goon Mukesh is arrested. He stated he killed Seema and Renu for gold and money. Mahi says that they’d nothing. The inspector says they had been sporting lockets. They had luggage so he idea they may have costly things. Jogi says what’s subsequent? He says we are able to ship him to the courtroom docket nad he could be punished. Mahi says did that motive force say some thing approximately Avnit? He says he did it alone. He doesn’t realize any avnit. Mahi says you please deliver him in the front of her. You will realize the real.. Jogi says Mahi..

Jogi says inspector Mahi attempted to kill my buddy Avnit. You can arrest her, I am the witness. Mahi is shocked.

Episode ends.


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