Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Avnit captures Arjun and carries him to a secluded spot with Chanda. Avnit shouts how could you? Arjun says you are insane. Avnit says you attempted to obliterate my arrangement? Arjun says I called your telephone, I didn’t realize Jogi would get it. Avnit says you didn’t hear my voice yet began yakking. Arjun says I am heartbroken, it was my misstep however it helped you. The game has changed and presently the next move is up to you. Avnit says that is on the grounds that I cut the call in the nick of time. This isn’t an agreement for me yet my life, in the event that you rehash a comparative slip-up, you will be under my vehicle and not inside. She drives away. Chanda asks Arjun for what good reason would you say you are concentrating on this young lady? She is crazy. Arjun says she will do what we as a whole couldn’t do, she will break Jogi and Mahi’s relationship.

Jogi is sitting in his room and attempting to compose a melody. Mahi comes there and inquires as to whether he composed something? Jogi says indeed, let me share it with you. He talks a thing tune verses. Mahi says you are not made for these tunes, for what reason would you like to accomplish something that any other person can do? I figure you shouldn’t do these tunes. Jogi says what’s your concern? Assuming I do anything that Avnit requests from me, you think that it is off-base however assuming I do it for you, it’s fine? Avnit stows away and hears all that. Mahi says you can’t perceive what she is doing, when you open your eyes and see her reality then, at that point, don’t come crying to me. Jogi scowls at her. Mahi indignantly leaves. Jogi goes to see Avnit remaining there. She tragically leaves. Jogi murmurs.

Avnit is tragically sitting in her room. Jogi comes there and says I was composing a melody yet I can’t, would you be able to help me? Avnit says possibly you can’t compose it, let it be. I’m sorry I heard you and Mahi. Jogi holds her hand. Avnit says in the event that your significant other disapproves of me and our kinship, leave me. Jogi says you regretted Mahi’s words? Avnit says I have feelings, I feel terrible when she directs awful sentiments toward you. Jogi says we are a couple so battles like these occur. Avnit says I don’t think about marriage however I think about genuine affection.. Jogi says your meaning could be a little more obvious. Avnit says let it be, I don’t reserve an option to discuss your marriage. Jogi says yet you have a right on me. Avnit is astounded to hear that and says truly? Jogi says indeed, totally. Avnit grins and says for what reason can’t Mahi see what I can see? I see you fruitful yet Mahi needs to put you down constantly. Jogi says Mahi isn’t care for that. Avnit says you would prefer not to see however Mahi continues to affront you before everybody, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to trust you? She doesn’t allow you to attempt. On the off chance that she is your accomplice, for what reason wouldn’t she be able to assist you with satisfying your fantasy? Your accomplice should battle the world for you, not battle with you and prevent you from satisfying your fantasies. Jogi says dislike that. Avnit says for what reason can’t Mahi see you pushing forward throughout everyday life? For what reason wouldn’t she be able to be content to see you making a profession and becoming effective, she considers you a blockhead and so forth. For what reason wouldn’t she be able to trust your ability? Jogi unfortunately looks on.

Mahi figures for what reason can’t Jogi comprehend that I am doing this for his advantage. Renu comes there and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are upset? Your relative slapped that Avnit. She is your ally now. Mahi says yet Jogi gave dynamic capacity to Avnit, he is excessively blameless to the point that he can’t see anything. Jogi stows away and hears all that. Renu says relax, we as a whole realize Jogi is a moron and without minds. Jogi is harmed hearing that. Renu says simply call him with adoration once and he will come rushing to you. Jogi unfortunately leaves from that point. Mahi advises Renu to not say that once more, Jogi isn’t my slave. I’m exceptionally fortunate to get an accomplice like Jogi, he adores me such a lot of that is the reason he pays attention to me. Renu says simply think regarding how to manage Avnit.

Jogi is tragically sitting. Rupa comes there and says for what reason would you say you are stressing over this work? We needn’t bother with this so released it. Jogi says why? Do you think I am excessively futile to the point that I shouldn’t attempt? Rupa says what was the deal? Jogi says you additionally figure I can’t prevail throughout everyday life? In the event that you love me, you should trust me. Recall our family members quit meeting us since we possessed an aroma like cow manure. Those equivalent family members need to meet us and regard us. They do this is on the grounds that we live in this enormous house. Avnit has taken us from streets and carried us to a royal residence, she completely changed us and how did you respond? You slapped her. Rupa feels regretful. Jogi says everybody thinks I am a dolt however that Avnit put 50 lacs in me so how might I bomb her? She is believing me and you slapped her? I know you and Mahi love me the most in this world yet do you regard and believe me? He indignantly leaves. Rupa cries.

Avnit is checking out Jogi’s image. She says I have done a ton to get you. The present snare will work and I will get my affection soon.

PRECAP – Jogi reveals to Mahi the genuine accomplice is who is continually remaining with her accomplice. Mahi cries and says Avnit has made you exuberantly pleased with poison for me. Jogi says indeed, Avnit has made me disdain you. We got hitched in a vulnerable circumstance, you improved that I don’t rest alongside you and torment you more. He takes his pad and leaves the room. Mahi is shocked.


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