Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Avnit says I have to visit Jogi. I will communicate to him and byskip the time. She involves Jogi however he’s asleep. Avnit places a blanket on him. She leaves. Avnit says Jogi and Mahi should element approaches so Avnit and Mahi may be one.

Mahi prepares for the pooja. Jogi takes the arti from her. Mahi says Jogi we shouldn’t maintain fighting. If our mind are different, allow them to be. We shouldn’t be distanced from every other. This distance will ruin our relationship. We have to get this bitterness out of us. I love you and I recognise you adore me. I am afraid of dropping you. I am with you even though our mind don’t align. I will do whatever to ssave our marriage and love. Rest is upto you. Mahi leaves.

Scene 2
Avnit wakes up overdue. She asys I needed to get the women. She calls Arjun. He says I can’t get any. Avnit sneaks out. Biji says wherein are you going? Rupa says you didn’t carry the women? Avnit says I become up all of the time however I dozed off withinside the end. Let me get the women now. Rupa says how ought to you be so irresponsible. Today? Jogi comes and asks what happened? Biji says Avnit couldnt’t carry the women so she’s going now. She become sleeping. Rupa says you embarrassed me. Jogi says it’s very overdue now. Avnit says allow me get them. I recognise I were given overdue. Rupa says it’s overdue now.

Mahi brings withinside the women. Everyone is shocked. Rupa says those children with you? Mahi says once I got here downstairs the women weren’t here. avnit become asleep so I notion i have to get them. It doesn’t count number who brings them. The factor is service. Jogi and Avnit will do that. Biji says you introduced the children. It’s your proper to do their service. Right Rupa?

Scene 3
Jogi and Mahi serve the children together. Mahi seems at Jogi and smiles. They supply presents to the children and wipe their toes togehter. Mahi smiles. The music agar tum saath ho plays. Avnit seems at them in anger. Mahi cuts her hand. Jogi maintain her hand and cleans the blood. Avnit is angry. Mahi remembers their moments together.

Jogi smiles searching on the children. Mahi smiles at him. Avnit is angry. Biji says see Rupa your DIL did the entirety withinside the end. And you have been giving her proper to an outsider. AVnit says the entirety takes place for top. It’s top that I were given up overdue. Jogi and Mahi ought to do that pooja togehter. But the bitterness among them continues to be there. Biji says I simplest see love of their eyes for every other. She leaves. AVnit says there’s no love among them. And I won’t allow it live. mahi has to go away this residence tomorrow. I will do that. This become her closing win.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi hits the goon and says inform me wherein are my mother and sister? He factors on the land. Mahi begins offevolved digging. She sees their bodies.


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