Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Mahi says thank you for everything Guru ji. You showed Jogi the correct way. I don’t have the foggiest idea how the music business functions however I will not release your endeavors to no end. He says Jogi is skilled and more than that I have confidence in your solidarity. In some cases you can’t make a connection in years and here I made a connection with your family in two days. He says and I must be there for my family. He gives her a number and says I am helping somebody interestingly and on the grounds that I feel Jogi is more than my understudy. He says this person was my understudy and now a maker. Disclose to him I sent you, he will help you. Mahi says thank you Guru ji. He leaves.

Jogi says Guru ji you’re leaving. If it’s not too much trouble, stay more. He says it’s your shortcoming you caught on so quickly. Jogi picks his packs. Jogi says when you’re around I feel like my father is near. I didn’t feel his nonappearance. Jogi contacts his feet. Master ji embraces him. He says I never met somebody like you. I will consistently have you in my heart. Jogi says I can accompany you. Master ji says Mahi will hit us both. He chuckles.

Seema says Jogi sings so well. He will be popular and you will move on his music. He will end up being a star. And afterward there will be visits. Abroad. I have made a rundown of marked aromas. Rupa says quiet down. It will take it. Seema says he will be a star longer than an evening. Rupa says that doesn’t occur with us. Seema says Jogi and Mahi got hitched in a day, Jogi got renowned on the web in a day. Rupa says he will get compressed. Seema says Mahi is with him. Since she went to your home, your game changed. Rupa says definitely truly. Renu says Jeju you have worked on to such an extent. My sister did everything. He says indeed, I am deficient without her. Seema says precisely.

Chanda hangs tight for Mahi’s call. She says Mahi didn’t call. He says relax. They hear Seema saying Jogi will turn into a star. She says Jogi has guaranteed he will be a vocalist. Presently see what occurs. Pappu says amazing. He will be a star. Seema says we will likewise get popular. We should give interviews. Chanda says we need to go there to perceive what’s going on. How about we go to fix Jagrata.

Mahi goes to the maker. He says Diljit. Mahi says I am Mahi. He says Guru ji required the first run through and requested somebody. He should be somebody unique. Mahi shows him Jogi’s video. He says amazing. He’s mystical. He says you’re a similar Mahi who won Mrs. Amritsir right? She says yes. He says and a similar Mahi Arjun Rai planned to wed? Mahi is stunned. Mahi says how is that is identified with Jogi’s music. He says it is. Punjab’s music industry is controlled by Arjun. In the event that Jogi will turn into a star or not it depends in case you’re adversary with Arjun or companions. I can’t meddle in close to home life yet it’s identified with Jogi’s expert life. Mahi says yet you are a major maker. Wouldn’t you be able to allow him a single opportunity? He says I can’t deny you since Guru ji called. In any case, I can’t demolish my odds by conflicting with Arjun. No one but he can allow Jogi an opportunity. Mahi says thank you for your time. Mahi considers what to do now.

Mahi returns home. Biji says Jogi will be a star. I will get another saree. I’m so glad. Mahi plunks down in trouble. Mahi says everybody is so cheerful and confident. Pappu and Chanda come. Pappu says we came here to take Jagrata’s date. We need to design also. Mahi says I can’t reveal to you today. Pappu says Jogi turned into a major star now? He says I will continue to stay here until you give me a date. Mahi says if it’s not too much trouble, sit on the couch. He says I will continue to stay here until I get a date. Mahi says we can do it tomorrow. Rupa is stunned. He says you are the world’s best SIL. We should get ready Chanda. Chanda says it will be such a lot of fun. So a lot more individuals would pay attention to Jogi and he would get more possibilities. You recall the Arjun’s conversation. Pappu says I will call numerous celebrities. Mahi says we should call Arjun as well. He will pay attention to Jogi also. They leave.

Jogi comes in and says Arjun? Arjun says for what reason was his name taken here? Mahi says fail to remember the annoyance. Arjun is locked in to Chanda. We need to meet one day. He says in the event that I need to meet him I will quit meeting your family. I would prefer not to do any Jagrata. Rupa says it’s better not to confide in Pappu. Biji says indeed, they continue to design constantly. Arjun says I need to avoid him. Rupa says they are foxes. We can’t be visually impaired. Pappu is a sweet toxic substance. It’s smarter to avoid him. Mahi reviews what the maker and Chanda said. Jogi says where are you lost? Mahi says I will deny Pappu. He says stop. On the off chance that you get this dismal how might I say no? You focused on them as of now. I should sing. Nothing is a higher priority than my significant other to me. Regardless of whether it’s that Arjun or Pappu. What will individuals say? My significant other is consistently dismal. You will destroy my picture.

Precap-Jogi sings at the jagrata. Everybody appreciates. Arjun says you sing so well. The two families fixed up. We should fix up as well. We ought to get it done the cutting edge way. You ought to apologize hodling your hands. Mahi is stunned.


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