Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

The maker goes to Jogi’s home. Avnit causes Jogi to sit in front Mahi. Jogi frowns at her. Mahi murmurs to Renu that I am terrified for Jogi, assuming he can’t sing today, he will separate totally. Arjun says how about we start. Jogi begins singing a lively tune. Mahi looks on. The maker likes it and says it’s a superhit tune. Jogi says thanks to him.

The maker says we will shoot tomorrow as it were. Arjun takes him from that point. Mahi attempts to embrace Jogi however he stops her and says you should be exceptionally frustrated today right? You generally need to be correct so it should hurt you that you weren’t right today? Mahi says your meaning could be a little clearer. Jogi says you figured I was unable to sing a melody like this, individuals would kid about me and my certainty would break yet see I refuted you so you should be harmed. Try not to profess to be content. Mahi says no, I am prepared to be off-base on the off chance that you win. I love you so I need your great. Avnit requests that Jogi quiet down, don’t be negative at best. She requests that Rupa do aart for her child. Rupa says you are correct, I will proceed to light diya in the mandir. Avnit grins and counts. Rupa lights diya and out of nowhere her hand bursts into flames. All race to her. Mahi sees her hand consumed and shouts. She goes to bring medication. Avnit grins. Rupa says I am fine. Jogi causes her to plunk down. Mahi places her hand in the water.

The flashback shows how Avnit had put TNT powder on diya so it would get Rupa’s hand ablaze. The flashback closes. Mahi watches out for Rupa’s hand, Rupa sees her consideration. Mahi reviews how Avnit continued to take a gander at Rupa’s hand and didn’t permit her to light diya. Mahi says she did this. She faults Avnit and says how might you hurt her? Jogi inquires as to whether you have gone distraught? Mahi says she did this with Rupa as she slapped her. Mahi attempts to go to Avnit yet Jogi drives her away and holds Avnit. Avnit says enough Mahi, Rupa resembles my mom so don’t charge me. Jogi says I totally trust Avnit, she can never hurt my family. Avnit says this to my family yet I don’t have the foggiest idea what is Mahi’s concern with me. Jogi embraces her and says you don’t have to explain anything.

Mahi says why did she send Rupa to light diya? It was all her arrangement. Avnit says you never needed Jogi to sing then the thing would you say you were doing in the mandir previously? Perhaps you arranged this to consume Rupa’s hand. Mahi is staggered and inquires as to whether you truly think so? Rupa requests that they stop it, I got singed accidentally so leave now. I got rebuffed by slapping Avnit on the grounds that she is our approval, she is acquiring wealth and joy our lives however I slapped her. God is rebuffing me for that. Mahi is dazed to hear that.

Mahi comes to Jogi and says wouldn’t you be able to perceive what Avnit is doing? At whatever point somebody conflicts with her then that individual gets injured. Jogi says what’s your issue with Avnit? You are constantly refuted. Avnit has carried satisfaction to our lives, we got cash, a house and popularity due to her. You don’t care for this is on the grounds that Avnit did this. You ought to say thanks to Avnit on the grounds that she allowed me an opportunity at life, to accomplish something productive in my life. Mahi says I have an issue since you are failing to remember your genuine self,

wouldn’t you be able to see Avnit is filling you with conscience. Your melody today didn’t have soul in it. Jogi says what do you at any point think about tunes? Mahi says however I know you, I know your singing, it has soul, I became hopelessly enamored with your voice, it used to carry harmony to me yet today your melody didn’t make me love you. Jogi says sorry, you misunderstood a man however presently this Jogi will refresh. I will sing these tunes to bring in cash, to turn into a star and have notoriety. Mahi is staggered to hear all that.

PRECAP – Renu tells Avnit that I can shoot you. Jogi hears it and says on the off chance that she can attempt to shoot her own jija, she can shoot you too Avnit. She attempted to kill me. Renu looks on.


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