Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Mahi is ready to drink it however she is going to easy Jogi’s room. Jogi comes home. Avnit says Jogi irrespective of how a whole lot you and Mahi fight, you take care of her right. You’re taking this juice for her right? He says no I became having ti for myself. Come permit’s sitt. Avnit says permit’s click on a few pictures in your social media. Your fanatics need to peer you each day. She takes his pictures with their poster. Avnit says permit’s publish these. Mahi liquids the coconut water. She fulls suffocated. Mahi says I experience vulnerable probably. Mahi liquids relaxation of it. Avnit takes selfies with Jogi. Mahi fains. Avnit takes selfies with Jogi. He places hand on her shoulder. Avnit smiles. Mahi can’t breathe. She attempts to exit of the room.

Mahi attempts to select out her telecellsmartphone. She calls Jogi. Avnit sees his telecellsmartphone ringing. Jogi cuts it. Avnit says I made your favored kheer. Let me make you devour it. she asks how is it? He says so good. Avnit makes him devour. Mahi continues calling Jogi however he doesn’t select out. Avnit says permit’s play. I will win nowadays as well. Jogi says permit’s begin. They exit to play adolescence games. Jogi enjoys with Avnit. Mahi continues calling him however he doesn’t select out. Avnit says you lost. I advised you. You continually lose. He says sure you continually win. Avnit says sure I continually win all of the games. No depend who performs towards me.

Mahi attempts to pop out of the room however she can’t. She falls at the floor. Avnit says permit’s begin every other game. She wins again. Jogi says permit’s play again. Rupa and Biji come. Jogi says got here abck fast? Rupa says wasn’t feeling well. Jogi says are you ok? She says sure feeling tired. Jogi says cross in, permit me make you lassi. You don’t contend with yourself.

Scene 2
Avnit says Rupa aunty I took care of the candle thoroughly all day. Jogi offers them lassi. He says contend with yourself. Don’t exit in sun. Biji says where’s Mahi? Avnit says she need to be in her room, resting. Rupa says Mahi’s 3 neglected calls? Let me name her. Avnit says she became asking what to prepare dinner dinner in dinner? But she cooked. Jogi says are you ok bebe? Biji says I wish Mahi ate something. Avnit says bad Mahi, she’s fainted withinside the room and all people is taking part in lassi here.

Biji involves the room and sees Mahi fainted.. She screams Mahi.. Are you ok? Get up. Open your eyes. She screams Jogi.. Rupa.. Jogi and Rupa come upstairs. Jogi is shocked. Avnit says Mahi.. Are you ok? Jogi says Mahi. Open your eyes. Get up. Biji says supply me water. Avnit offers her water. Jogi says Mahi.. They positioned water on her face. Jogi says Mahi open your eyes. Rupa says lay her at the bed. Jogi selections her and takes her to the bed. Jogi says are you ok Mahi? Biji asys how did you faint? Mahi says I don’t understand. I felt vulnerable and fainted. I don’t understand how. She says why didn’t you name anyone? Mahi says I known as bebe. Rupa says you known as hours ago. Why didn’t you name Jogi? Jogi remembers seeing her calls. Mahi says I known as Jogi however he didn’t select out. Biji says Jogi why didn’t you select out her telecellsmartphone? Jogi says I became.. Mahi.. Biji slaps him. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Mahi serves food. Jogi leaves it. Mahi says I didn’t make it bebe did. Jogi says I am now no longer an fool that I won’t understand who cooked it. Avnit says one sided love is so robust that Jogi will most effective be mine..


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