Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
rupa says however it’s time to do something. Mahi says you’re right. Being satisfied isn’t bad but questioning large isn’t incorrect both. Rupa says you could be a wife however if i see my son sad now there might be a crack on this marriage you won’t be able to restoration. Biji says she’s your dil. Is that how you communicate to her? Jogi comes out and says forestall it. Rupa asks are you okay? He says i’m going to jagrata. Mahi says i can also come. He says thank you but i want to be on my own. I did what you are asking. He leaves. Biji says he might be okay. Mahi is disenchanted.

Scene 2
all and sundry cheers at rai’s funeral. Pappu says rai sahab died. Arjun says rest in peace. Pappu says what’s going to manifest to jogi and mahi? No one can be saved from arjun. He laughs. Pappu says it’s sad your dada ji isn’t any greater. Arjun says anything he had is mine. Chanda broke jogi’s confidence. Slowly i will wreck his existence. I should make an statement. He holds chanda’s hand. Arjun proposes to her and says will you marry me. Chanda says no. All people is shocked. Chanda says no longer until i damage jogi and mahi’s lifestyles. However we can get engaged until then. He makes her wear the hoop. Each person claps.

Scene three
mahi is worried for jogi. She calls but he doesn’t choose. Jogi comes domestic. Mahi says jogi? Are you okay? He says sure. Insulted and damaged. I don’t have any price however i am ok. Mahi says don’t take it for your heart. He says where else might i? The coronary heart is all i had. They insulted me so much. I don’t have any really worth. I am a massive 0. Mahi says what are you saying? He says stop experimenting on me. I will’t do whatever. I’m able to’t change. Why do you want to alternate me? I misplaced the whole thing. My peace is long gone. I can shatter if i stroll on this course anymore. Mahi says i won’t allow you to wreck. Renu texts mahi. Seema says i am so tired. Mahi involves her and asks in which is renu? Seema says why did she come so overdue? Mahi is going to renu’s room. Mahi comes out glad. She says thank you di. Renu says i’m your sister. Seema asks is the whole lot ok? Mahi says yes.. Mahi says once it’s the morning i can make your goals shine brighter.

Scene 4
mahi goes with biji to deliver milk. Mahi says this is guru ji’s residence. He can assist jogi. They pass in. He’s doing riyaz. Biji says jogi is so lucky to have you. Mahi involves guru ji. She tells him the entirety. Mahi shows his jagrata video. He gets very satisfied. Rupa does jogi’s head massage. He is misplaced. She pulls his hair. Rupa says while you were eight you will maintain going for walks and now not oil your hair. Your dad would forcefully do it. He says i keep in mind. Parents know their children’ strengths and weaknesses. Jogi says what’s my largest weakness? She says you may’t say no to all people. Jogi says i’m tired. Rupa says we by no means need to make absolutely everyone misuse our weak point. Jogi remembers how he turned into insulted. Jogi says if dad have been alive i wouldn’t had been an fool right? Rupa says no the arena that lies is susceptible. They make sincere people like you experience vulnerable. Your dad could say the equal. We have to keep transferring forward in life. Mahi opens the door and says jogi a person desires to meet you. Guru ji comes in. Jogi is greatly surprised. He says the person who lives a lost lifestyles doesn’t even get peace in his mother’s lap.

Episode ends.

Precap-guru ji says diamonds are in coal mine. I need to peer if jogi is coal or diamond. Jogi says to mahi my lifestyles became going properly. What would you take to allow me cross again to ordinary? Mahi says what are you announcing? Jogi says i don’t want to sing. Why did you carry guru ji?


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