Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Jassi brings Avnit to the mandap. Mahi says what need to we do now? Avnit recollects continually imagining marrying Jogi. She says I dreamed of this second all my existence. It seems like a dream. Jogi recollects marrying Mahi. Biji says let’s name the police and Rupa will inform them what she did. Pappu says no, it’d be too overdue via way of means of then. They might be married by the point police comes. Biji says what to do then? Jogi and Avnit take rounds. He recollects his wedding ceremony with Mahi. Mahi says if we can’t move in, he can come out.

The spherical are completed. Pandit ji asks Jogi to fill Avnit’s hairline. He thinks approximately Rupa announcing sense and inform me are you happy? He is set to fill the hairline. Mahi begins offevolved singing. Jogi receives up. Avnit says wherein are you going? Jogi involves Mahi’s place. He completes the bhajan. Rupa comes out too. They whole the bhajan together. Mahi appears at Jogi. Jogi says I made a big mistake. After dropping the whole thing I found out I can by no means love every person however you. You’re my existence. You are my peace. That Jogi with Avnit changed into a person else. You took my soul with you. A useless frame changed into left who changed into fooling himself and the world. It’s all not anything with out you. I can do some thing in your forgiveness. Mahi hugs him and cries. Everyone claps.

Avnit comes and says Jogi.. Avnit says what are you doing here? What is going on here? Jogi says I am sorry Avnit. I can’t marry you. Avnit says what? How can you are saying that. Why? Jogi says I most effective love Mahi. The reality is, I can by no means forestall myself from loving her. I recognize you like me. But she has existence peace, coronary heart and existence. It’s all tied to her. There’s not anything to existence with out her.

Avnit says what approximately me? My love? My wait? Jogi holds her hand and says if I marry you I won’t be capable of provide you with the affection which you deserve. You’re a great girl, you’re my nice friend. I will continually love you as a friend. But the reality is that my love and existence is most effective Mahi. Avnit is shocked. Jogi is going to Mahi. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says if I can’t be Mahi’s, I am now no longer Jogi.

Avnit says Mahi you took my love, my Jogi from me again. Mahi says please Avnit. Stop it. True love can’t be snatched. If your love is real, it involves you yourself. Like my love got here to me. Jogi fills Mahi’s hairline. Everyone smiles. He hugs Mahi.

Episode ends


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