Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Avnit says she can be able to carry out. Jogi says now Avnit and I will let you know what a overall performance is. Avnit dances with Jogi. Jogi plays properly. Mahi seems at him. She receives upset. Avnit receives near him at some point of the dance. The director says properly done. Jogi hugs Avnit. Mahi cries. Mahi walks out. Avnit says how does it experience? Seeing your self lose? Mahi says how do you experience being with a person’s husband?

Do you’ve got got any shame? Avnit says you’re so slow. You nevertheless can’t see how deep my love is for Jogi. Only loss of life can get me out of there. There’s no such aspect as rules, relationships, marriages in love. Jogi is the maximum crucial for me. You remmeber what I advised you? Jogi will kick you out of his existence in a month. It has started. First he kicked you out of this room. Now set and shortly his coronary heart and house. Mahi says that day will in no way come. Relationships should undergo ups and downs. I consider my love. I gained’t allow Jogi pass farfar from me. My Jogi gained today, his win is my win.

Scene 2
Avnit says to Jogi I am so glad today. The director changed into so glad with you. Jogi enters the house. Mahi stand there with arti. Jogi recollects what the director stated. Mahidoes his arti. Jogi says what you probably did today.. I finished the shoot after that too. Mahi says if I slapped the director there ought to be a few reason? He says I recognize your reasons. The international doesn’t revolve round you. You idea all and sundry might be your puppet like me.

Avnit says the teaser has 40k likes and such a lot of comments. Everyone is glad. Avnit says you ought to replay to all of your fans. Come with me. She takes him from there and says begin responding. Mahi feels upset. She seems at Jogi and smiles. Mahi says Jogi.. allow’s pass celebrate. He says go away me Mahi. Mahi says allow’s have food. Change. Jogi says now you’ve got got a trouble with my garments too? Do they remind you of the win I were given with out you?

You can’t see me hapy right? Mahi says Jogi.. I didn’t say that. Mahi comes near and says Jogi did you drink? Arjun gave Jogi the drink and he drank it. He stated allow’s pass, I will carry out now. Mahi says I continually helped you and tolerated your hate too. You have crossed all limits today. Rupa says he can’t do that. He promised his.. She says Jogi? What’s this smell? You forgot the promise you made to me? jogi recollects his promise to Mahi. Avnit says all singers drink. Biji says Avnit? What are you telling him? Rupa says is that this what I taught you? Avnit says a person may have blended it in his juice.

Jogi says no Avnit. Say something however lies for me. Yes I drank. Now ask why did I and for who? Avnit says don’t harm your coronary heart again. Jogi says all and sundry ought to recognize why I drank and due to whom. Because of her.. She continues announcing I can’t sing, I can’t write songs. And once I were given a chance, she slapped the director. To overlook all that and do my paintings, I drank. Mahi says so that you could paintings now you’ll drink? He says yes. I will drink again and again again. It’s higher than suffocating. You maintain announcing I am useless.

I can’t do something. I am tired. The name, reputation the whole thing I were given today, I need it. I need to stay that manner. When all and sundry changed into round me, taking selfies, I need that. Why now no longer? It’s my right. Mahi says you’re on foot on the incorrect road. He says no manner my is wrong? Because you’re now no longer on it? Because I am now no longer depending on you and doing the whole thing on my own? Mahi says do you even apprehend what you’re announcing?What approximately the peace and your voice? He says it is able to visit hell. I wanna be like this and stay my existence. I even have changed. I am this manner.

Episode ends.


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