Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Avnit involves Rupa’s room. She says you scard me. what are you doing right here? Avnit says so that you assume Jogi isn’t happy? Rupa says he isn’t. Avnit says he is. You are wrong. He has cash, reputation everything. Rupa says he doesn’t have peace. There’s cash however now no longer peace on this residence. My Jogi is left. If this wedding ceremony happens, his innocence and peace might all be long past. I will ask him to rethink. Avnit says you desired me to be on this residence and marry Jogi. You added me right here. You requested me to be your DIL. Now we’re engaged. He goes to marry me and also you need him to rethink? You recognize I can’t stay with out him. I will die with out him. Rupa says prevent this drama. Your tears and you’re a liar. I didn’t recognize your fact, I understand it now. Avnit says I don’t recognize what you discovered out. My fact is that I love your son. rupa says your love has destroyed him. Ever considering Mahi is long past my son is destroyed. I need him to be happy. Avnit says your son is happy. He has success, cash, and reputation. He’s busy with drinking, partying and recording. I preserve him busy so his mind isn’t empty. Because whilst he’s empty minded he thinks approximately the satan Mahi. It makes him sad. I don’t need him sad.

Rupa says all you care approximately is him now no longer considering Mahi? You can’t see his pain. Avnit says no. His happiness is with Avnit handiest. This is referred to as love handiest. Rupa says I made a large mistake I gave my son to this type of loopy girl. Avnit says so that you recognize my fact now? You will move and inform everyone? What distinction might that make? I am engaged in your son. He can be married to me. Rupa says as soon as he is aware of your fact he won’t marry you. He will pay attention to me. I gets you kicked out of this residence you see. Avnit holds her hand and says you referred to as me loopy right? See my craze now.

Avnit throttles Rupa. She says you noticed my craze however didn’t see how difficult I attempted to govern myself. You don’t recognize. Rupa shoves her. Avnit falls at the bed. Rupa hits her. She says seems like you by no means messed with a punjabi mom. I raised my son alone. Even Yamraj doesn’t mess with moms like us. Who are you? Avnit attempts to hit her. Rupa pulls her hair and says for a son a mom can die or kill as well. She slaps her and says allow me take your craze out. Avnit falls down. Rupa says don’t do that drama. Your fact is in the front of me. Avnit says bebe.. She pretends to suffocate. Rupa says Avnit.. She comes close. Avnit throttles her and shoves her withinside the washroom. There’s water. Avnit choices wires. Rupa says what are you doing. Stop it. She throws wires withinside the water. Rupa receives a surprise. She faints.

Scene 2
Biji says Rupa will realise her mistake now. But she shouldn’t have stated all this stuff to you. Let me communicate to her. Mahi says no. Pappu says she’s right. She can’t preserve pronouncing such matters to you. Rupa’s telecellsmartphone rings. Jogi sees the telecellsmartphone. He says I won’t communicate to him. He appears for Rupa. Mahi says please prevent calling.

Avnit says you stated you could combat Yamraj on your son? I can grow to be Yamraj to get your son. She deliberate all of this and left the ones wires in Rupa’s restroom. Avnit says this isn’t my fault. It’s your fault. Jogi is searching out Rupa. Avnit says Jogi.. She takes the wires out. Avnit pretends to have fainted as well. Jogi comes there. He sees them fainted. Jogi says bebe.. He choices her and takes her out. The telecellsmartphone is picked. Mahi says some thing isn’t right. Let me move and check. Jogi carry Avnit and Rupa to the bed. He says please open your eyes. Jassi and her husband come as well. Jogi says they were given a surprise withinside the washroom.

Mahi comes there. Jassi’s husband stops her. He says what are you doing there? Mahi says we heard Jogi screaming. What befell to bebe? Jassi says Mahi, bebe were given current. Jassi’s husband says you could’t move inside. Pappu says we’re nevertheless family. He says you’re now no longer. Biji says I am certain this Avnit did it. She’s doing drama. Jogi says enough. prevent this nonsense. My bebe is on this circumstance and also you all are growing this fuss right here? Mahi says I handiest got here right here to peer bebe. Jogi says with what relation? What’s your relation with me or bebe? I can cope with my bebe. I can name docs and get her treated. I don’t want you. I don’t even need to reflect onconsideration on my past. Mahi says neither do I. This time isn’t to combat however to attend to bebe. I won’t go away her alone. Jogi says get out of my residence. He drags her out. Mahi says allow me see bebe. Jogi says get out of my residence. He locks the door.

The physician exams Rupa. He says your bebe can be fine. You ought to be concerned for Avnit. She risked her lifestyles to store your mom. she can be able to lose her senses and her lifestyles might be in threat as well. I don’t recognize if she has time. I am virtually sorry. Avnit cries. Jogi says don’t fear Avnit. I will take you to the first-rate docs. Avnit says I can’t flow my hand. Jogi hugs her and says you’ll be fine. You stored my mom. I will by no means be capable of go back your favor. AVnit says Biji gave me this curse that I will by no means be your spouse. See I notion I might be your spouse and cope with you all. But it’s now no longer in my fate. Jogi says it is. You can be my spouse. Your dream could be very small. I will satisfy it. We gets married tomorrow. Mahi hears this. She’s shocked. Mahi says this turned into her plan and Rupa needed to pay for it.

Episode ends.

Happu says to Anu, Vibhu teased Angoori, so he’s below arrest, Vibhu says I didn’t and I won’t come.


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