Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

AIADMK’s second phase candidate list was released yesterday (10.03.2021). In it, many important points were not given the opportunity to repeat. In that sense, it is possible Minister of Development was not given the opportunity to do so. Currently, former minister KP Krishnan has been declared the candidate for the Srirangam constituency.

In this context, KP Krishnan told reporters, “The Central Government continues to refuse to give recognition to Srirangam, which is one of the most important of the 108 Vaishnava sites. He also said that I have a plan to fix the addiction problem.

However, the Srirangam temple administration has gone to the High Court and the Supreme Court and obtained an order for the temple property. So, ‘I am going to implement a new plan with the help of the court on this’. He said that through that plan, this addiction problem would be solved. The late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had said that she would set up a company in the Srirangam constituency to produce the perfume demanded by the traders. Action will be taken accordingly.

He said the market would act on the direction of the court as the case related to the Kallikudi market was pending in the court. He said it was a great pleasure for him to be contesting in Srirangam after 30 years, as he was already the Minister for Development and Backward Classes Welfare in this constituency. And I thank my leadership for that. ”

Since the announcement of the date of the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, the parties waiting to contest in the polls have started running on wheels. The announcement said that those who want to stand as candidates for the 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu from the respective party can apply. Within a few days thousands of petitions began to pile up. The AIADMK had submitted more than 5,000 nominations. AIADMK co-ordinator O. Panniyaselvam and deputy co-ordinator Edappadi Palanisamy were among the key executives who were interviewed in a separate room by the constituency-wise candidates.

Applicants were invited to the large room as a whole and were told that any of you could be declared a candidate. So whoever was notified gave the order that you should serve them. He did not call anyone individually and interviewed them, but only called the crowd and issued these orders. Of the 9 Assembly constituencies in Trichy, Trichy, Musiri, Srirangam and Mannachanallu have been declared candidates. Thiruverumbu and Trichy West constituencies have been allotted to the Kalla community. The Manapparai block has been allotted to the Urali County community, the Trichy East block to the Vellalar community and the Lalgudi block to the Udayar community.

In this situation, Valarmati asked the Srirangam constituency as a member of the Legislative Assembly in the by-elections held in 2015 and in the Assembly elections held in 2016. Subsequently, in May 2016, the late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa took over as the Minister of Backward Classes Welfare. But the intelligence reported that he had not taken the right approach in the constituency since the day he took over as minister and had not shown any initiative to rectify it on a large scale with regard to the problems in the constituency and that there had been a sharp decline in party activities.

However, Minister Valarmati had filed his candidature to contest the upcoming 2021 Assembly elections again. According to intelligence sources, Valarmati, who was waiting to be re-elected, was not given a chance this time. That opportunity has been given to former minister Krishnan. He is also embroiled in a controversy over whether to give more importance to his community-based Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) responsibilities in the AIADMK in the Trincomalee district. At a party meeting at Srirangam Hall, several AIADMK volunteers tried to attack Minister Valarmati, who was sitting on the podium.

Valarmati, who was expecting his name to be on the candidate list, is very unhappy as he does not have a seat. Therefore, there is a lot of talk in AIADMK circles that he is planning to field an independent in the Srirangam constituency.


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