Teri Meri Ikk Jindri

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 10th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Biji says I will pass. I don’t need to live right here for a second. Avnit says in case you need to pass, I won’t forestall you. Jogi and I gets married in three days. Everyone is bowled over. Jogi says see Mahi, it’s my wedding ceremony in three days. You’re attempting to interrupt our house. Mahi says Biji goes with me. and there’s no dating among you and me. I don’t care who you marry, or in which you live. Just live farfar from me and my family. Avnit says in case you without a doubt don’t care why do you put on this sindur? Remove it. Mahi says to Jogi you crammed my hairline right? Remove it. so long as it’s in my hairline you may be my husband. Remove this final element as well. Avnit involves cast off it. Mahi holds her hand. Mahi slaps her. Shalu laughs. Mahi says I actually have requested Jogi. Stay for your limit. Mahi says hold your fiance farfar from me. She leaves.

Scene 2
Jogi locks himself withinside the room. He beverages recalling what Mahi said.

Mahi involves her room and cries. She remembers Jogi pronouncing he’d be married in 3 days. Mahi sobs. Mahi says no Jogi. You don’t even deserve my tears. Avnit involves her room and remembers the slap. She cries. She seems on the ring and smiles. Avnit dances across the room. She sings yeh kia hua.

Scene three
Jogi falls in his room. He says I am now no longer wrong. He attempts to get on mattress however falls. Jogi screams bebe.. He falls at the floor. Jogi offers himself the injection. Jogi screams and breaks things. Mahi hears his voice. Rupa says Jogi what passed off? Jassi and Rupa scream Jogi open the door. Jogi screams in pain. He says my medicine. Mahi runs out and hears him screaming. Pappu says what passed off to Jogi? Mahi says some thing has passed off to him. Shalu says what he has done, he’s going to cry all his life. Mahi says didi, he’s my.. Shalu says he’s now no longer your Jogi.

Jogi screams in pain. Mahi sings the bhajan. Jogi feels peace. He calms down. Jogi attempts to rise up and are available to the window. He falls at the window. Jogi falls asleep. Biji says he calmed down due to her bhajan. Pappu says he has slept. Mahi says what if he nevertheless is in pain? Let me see him. Shalu says they won’t permit you to in. Mahi brings ladder. Shalu says are you crazy? Biji says permit her pass. Mahi climbs in Jogi’s room. He is ready to fall. Mahi holds him and takes him to the mattress. Jogi holds her. Rupa, Jassi and Avnit wreck the door. They’re bowled over to peer Mahi.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi symptoms and symptoms a few papers and says Mahi gets double shock. My wedding ceremony and five songs of five crore. Rupa says to Mahi please for Jogi pass a long way farfar from right here and by no means come back.


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