Teri Laadli Mein

Teri Laadli Mein 2nd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The corona virus that engulfed the whole world is not going to end this year. A senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday that the idea that the corona virus would be gone by the end of this year is not correct and it is immature. The official said that after the introduction of the corona virus vaccine, it is sure that the death due to the pandemic can be reduced.

Dr. Michael Ryan, director of WHO’s Emergencies Program, said that at present, the focus of the world should be on keeping the transmission of the corona virus to a minimum. Ryan said that if we are smart, then we can end the year-end patients hospitalized in Corona and the deaths and tragedies associated with this epidemic.

Dr. Ryan said WHO, given the data of several licensed vaccines, can say that the vaccine will help prevent the virus from spreading explosively. The WHO said that if vaccines start to have a significant impact only on death and not only on hospitalization but also on the risk of transmission, I believe we will accelerate the control of this epidemic. He also warned that a spread epidemic does not guarantee anything. Currently, the virus is under control to a great extent.

While expressing concern about rich countries , the Director General of WHO expressed concern about rich countries where young and healthy adults are being vaccinated before high-risk health workers in developing countries. WHO chief Tedros Adnom has said that the vaccine provided by the United Nations (UN) has started in Ghana and Ivory Coast starting this week, but has started in the UK, US and Canada in just three months. .


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