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The release of Kangana Runot starrer film ‘Queen’ has completed 7 years. The film was released on 7 March 2014. On the film’s anniversary, the actress, while emotional, has told about the circumstances of that time. She wrote, “After almost a decade-long career, I was told that I am a very good actress to be the leading lady of Bollywood. Curly hair and suppressed voice made it worse. I signed it thinking ‘Queen’ That the film will never be released. I signed it for the money so that I could go to New York Film School and take training. ”

Hollywood had hired as director

Kangana further wrote, “In New York I studied screenwriting. At the age of 24, I directed a small film in California, which made me successful in Hollywood. Seeing my work, a big agency hired me as a director. I acted Had buried his ambition. He did not dare to return to India. ”

Kangana further writes, “I bought a small house in Calabasas, on the outskirts of Los Angeles. When I left everything, then ‘Queen’ was released. My life changed and Indian cinema led by Leading Lady and Women Centric Parallel films Was born. ”

‘No one can take away what is ours’

Kangana writes, “Queen is not just a film for me. It was a blast of everything that I used to have and kept away from me for 10 years. Everything got together. It was overwhelming. I was a reality I believe that no one can take away what is ours. You will have your right together. ”

2014’s Most Profitable Film was ‘Queen’

Directed by Vikas Bahl, the story of ‘Queen’ revolves around a small-town girl (Kangana Ranot) who decides to go on a honeymoon alone after rejecting her fiancé (Rajkummar Rao). The film was not only a super hit at the box office, but it was the highest-grossing film of 2014.

Made at a mere Rs 11 crore, the film gave a return of more than 5 times (Rs 61 crore) from the budget at the box office. The film had a profit of 454% (Rs 50 crores). ‘Queen’ was adjudged the Best Hindi Film and Kangana Best Actress during the 62nd National Film Awards.


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