Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Krisha thinks approximately the video. She says I agree with Devraj. I need to forgive him. She sees Devraj sitting out of doors her window and working. He smiles at her. Krisha turns away. She texts him, cross sleep. He says now no longer earlier than you. She says I can’t near eyes whilst you’re in the front of me. He says attempt it. Krisha says after I near eyes even then I see you in the front of me, in my arms. He texts excellent night time.

Ugra says to Jaya you gave my mother’s necklace to Krisha? It changed into royal necklace. Jaya says your mother gave it to her DIL, Devraj’s mother. And she gave it to me to provide it to Devraj’s wife. So I did that. You have many such necklaces. Ugra says it changed into my favorite. Jaya says you may get any other made. She says it I need that one. Jaya says it needed to take delivery of to Krisha as in step with the ritual. Ugra says that reasonably-priced woman can in no way come to our level. She can attempt to be Maya however she can be able to in no way be Maya. Jaya says in no way say that once more and in particular in the front of Krisha. Ugra leaves. NAina says I heard everthing mother. We need to kick this Krisha out earlier than she guidelines her. Ugra says Jaya warned me now no longer to take Maya’s call in the front of Krisha so I will take her call always.

Scene 2
Devraj thinks approximately Krisha’s text. He says whilst she unearths out reality she can be able to hate me. She can stay together along with her hate however how will I stay? Krisha attempts to sleep. She sees a person strolling out of doors her room. Krisha sees a girl in pink dupatta. She’s scared. Krisha is going after her however the girl runs. Krisha appears for her phone. The girl stands out of doors her room. She leaves. Krisha attempts to select out ehr phone. The girl comes from the opposite side. Krisha is going out and falls withinside the pool. Devraj stops the girl. Krisha is drowning. Roma offers the girl and injection and takes her inside. Devraj jumps withinside the pool and saves Krisha. He says are you ok? Krisha hugs him. Devraj takes her out. Krisha says a person changed into there in my room. That’s why I got here out. Devraj says nobody is right here. I am with you, don’t be scared. Krisha hugs him. Jaya and Roma take the girl inside. Krisha says allow me live with you.

Devraj dries Krisha. He says are you ok? Don’t you understand swimming? Krisha says I in no way knew I could stay in a residence with a pool. There changed into that girl in pink dupatta. Devraj says you had been sleepy. Go and sleep. It have to be a few maid. Don’t reflect onconsideration on it. Krisha says you don’t agree with me? He says I do and I will ensure you’re in no way scared once more. Go alternate and sleep. Krisha says you may live with me soon.

Scene 3
Raghav comes domestic late. Ugra says wherein had been you? He says out. Ugra says wherein? He says why are you questionning me? She says you’re making plans something? You performed devraj and Maya’s wedding ceremony video right? Why are you doing it? He says you don’t understand? And why we hate Devraj and his wife? Ugra says I understand. You suppose I like residing like a servant in my very own residence. He says and what are you doing approximately it? I get what I need.

Krisha says Devraj thinks I changed into dreaming however it changed into real. I need to attempt to discover who she changed into. The girl comes lower back to Krisha’s room. She says who.. The girl turns to her. It’s Roma. She stabs Krisha. Krisha wakes up. She changed into dreaming. Krisha says Roma did all this? I will ship her to jail.

Scene 4
Devraj says to Jaya that mystery changed into approximately to return back to Krisha? Jaya says how ought to that door open once more? Krisha comes downstairs and says I understand who got here to my room final night time. I discovered out the entirety. Jaya says who? Krisha says Roma. She could have killed me if I didn’t run. Roma did it. I am a superb spy. Jaya says honestly Krisha says I can show it. Her eyes are scary. Roma’s sport is over. Roma comes there. Krisha says you’re exposed. Tell all people the reality. She says yes, I actually have the solution of final night time. Chanchal (maid) sleep walks. She got here on your room. Krisha says is that true? Chanchal says please forgive me don’t hearthplace me. Krisha says every person could have that disease. Even I had it after I changed into a kid. My mother made a tea that constant it. I will make it for you. Krisha says it wasn’t a dream though.

Jaya says nicely achieved Roma. Roma says she clearly sleep walks. So I satisfied her it changed into you. Devraj says what passed off final night time shouldn’t take place once more. Jaya says we need to be careful. Devraj says no, we need to shift her. Jaya says you understand we’ve her right here for a reason. Roma says I agree, we can’t take a threat with Krisha now. Jaya says ok then. In your reception.. Devraj says why reception? She says we’ve to inform the arena the entirety is fine. After reception you need to shift to Krisha’s room. Roma says the nearer you’re to Krisha, the nearer we might be to our misssion. devraj says we need to shift her at reception night time. Everyone could be busy. I will take the most important mystery of my lifestyles farfar from Krisha’s lifestyles on reception night time.

Episode ends.

Precap-The reception starts. Devraj dances with Krisha on pyar ki kahani. Roma attempts to sneak a girl out. An vintage girl involves Krisha and says how are you daughter? Maya. Krisha is shocked…..


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