Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
The girls come in. Krisha is confused. The female asks Minakshi in which is Jaya? Minakshi says you begin the ritual.
Jaya says devraj you care approximately Krisha’s believe however now no longer whilst a person else did it? Devraj says I realize however.. She says it changed into your choice to restoration the beyond and for this reason you agreed to Roma’s plan and get married to Krisha. How are you able to again out now? Krisha appears for Devraj. The girls take evil eye off Krisha. They make noise. Jaya says you can’t move like this. Krisha is our remaining wish. He leaves. Jaya says I gave him one risk to determine and he did. He desired to shut this card at the back of locked doorways forever. Where did my keys move? Roma says you had them. Jaya says I dropped them somewhere.

Dehanchand has the keys. He thinks they’re keep keys. He offers it to the maid and asks her to convey stuff from the keep. Jaya and Roma search for the keys. Roma says what if a person receives them. we want to discover the keys. The maid opens a door. she says it doesn’t appear like storeroom. A woamn is there. She comes out.

Scene 2
The girls shower Krisha. She sees a female in purple dupatta jogging. Jaya comes again. Minakshi says the principle ritual is to begin. Jaya says to Roma I discovered the kids. Bring Devraj. The female says we took evil eye off. Let’s begin the principle ritual. Krisha says what’s the principle ritual? Jaya says it’s an vintage ritual. All DILs who come right here are given a royal call and that call is tattooed on her hand. Krisha says I don’t get it. Jaya says I don’t agree to three rituals however I vowed Maharaj ji I won’t alternate rituals of this own circle of relatives. Rati, and Minakshi did it too. Krisha says I truly like my call. My mother and father named me. I truly like it. Please name Devraj. Jaya says it’s satisfactory however all girls do it. Roma comes. Jaya says convey Devraj. Roma says he’s nowhere Devraj is available in and says I realize you adore your call. For me you may continually be Krisha. But for my own circle of relatives please take delivery of this call. Krisha says what might that call be? Tara says inform the call to me. You can’t say it loud.

Tara begins offevolved tattoing the call on Krisha’s hand. It hurts. Devraj can’t see it. Tara says don’t worry. Minakshi says all of us were given it. Dehanchand sees the female. She runs. She drops the candle. The candle burns a table. Everyone runs upstairs. Krisha appears on the burning hall. She’s caught withinside the fire. Everyone is involved for Krisha. Krisha screams for help. Devraj jumps in and hugs her. He says I won’t permit some thing appear to you. He attempts to pop out of the hearthplace. Aarav attempts to set up water. Aarav throws water round them.

Scene 3
Jaya says thank God you each are okay. Minakshi says Dev stored Krisha like a hero. Raghav says the whole lot is on top of things now. Aarav says Devraj stored her. He confirmed Rathores are courageous. Rati says whilst your love is in hassle you get courage. Devraj may want to do some thing for Krisha. Devraj says Jaya maa Krisha have to rest. Jaya says you’re right. She asks Rati to take her upstairs. Roma says to Devraj there’s a distinction among bravery and stupidity. If you probably did this for our plan you’re courageous however in case your coronary heart made you do it, you’re an idiot.

Scene 4
Krisha’s dad calls her. She tells him the whole lot. He says what if some thing occurred to you.. She says Devraj is a superhero. He saves me everytime. Yash says you’re making hassle and he fixes it. Did the hearthplace appear due to you? She says close up. It wasn’t my fault. It changed into an coincidence. I realize Devraj won’t permit some thing appear to me.

Raghav says to Naina some thing may want to satisfied however they were given lucky. Aarav says how did this coincidence appear? Raghav says how do you currently it changed into an accient? There need to had been a spark. Devraj comes there and says what’s taking place right here? Raghav says I don’t assume this changed into an coincidence. Arrav says the candle need to have fallen. Naina says sure all candles are in place, how did this one fall? Someone need to have completed some thing or it’s Krisha’s destiny to have hassle in all rituals. I wish her terrible good fortune isn’t contagious. Devraj says Raghav you didn’t inform me you’ve got got left portray and feature began out writing detective novels. That takes place in novels now no longer in actual life. It need to had been air. Naian says take a seat down with us, you don’t spend time with us. Devraj says I am now no longer unfastened like a few people. Raghav says window need to have left opened. Candle need to have fallen. Naina says what if our citadel has a ghost? Raghav says or a witch. Naina says she need to now no longer have favored Krisha’s dressing.

Scene 5
Devraj is angry. He says how did that door open? Jaya says it’s my fault. I gave them to Minakshi with the aid of using mistake and he or she gave it to Sujata. Thank God Sujata didn’t see some thing. Roma says we need to vigilant. We need to flow her from right here. She may be a danger. Jaya says no person is aware of how lives there. Her call is most effective in people’s memories. The lie that’s by no means uncovered turns into truth. Only we realize the truth. Until I determine what the following plan have to be, this mystery have to continue to be among us 3.

Episode ends.

Precap-Krisha says whilst we have been doing the ritual. I noticed a person jogging in a dupatta. Raghav says I stated candle didn’t fall on its own. Krisha says to Devraj I will discover the mystery.


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