Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Krisha says to Devraj you concept I ran? He says I might have discovered you. I won’t allow you to move farfar from me. I will by no means depart this hand. Jaya says Krisha extrade and are available for breakfast. Krisha says in coronary heart how oftentimes do I should extrade. Everyone is on breakfast table. Krisha comes downstairs. Everyone appears at her. Krisha sits with Devraj. He fixes her chair. Kach says who’s the clothier of your saree? She says I were given it from my tailor Rampal. He designs it curious about you. He stitches for gentlemen too. You can include me. I usually inform him he can be a massive clothier one day. Kach says yeah Rampal. Minakshi says he’s funny.

Devraj asks Krisha to take a seat down. He says you appearance quite. Krisha says in coronary heart I realize they’re making amusing of me. This Roma is so bizarre. Jaya says I gets you a brand new wardrobe. You can have all clothier stuff. Krisha says that’s now no longer needed. I even have many sarees. Raghav says however we want it. We will want to peer your bizarre garments each day. Aarav says the entirety appears true on bhabhi. Krisha says Naina and Utra bua? Won’t they consume with us? Raghav says mother doesn’t consume with us. Royal girls such as you consume of their rooms. Eating collectively is a center magnificence issue that we should observe now, he appears at Jaya. Aarav says and Naina wakes up at 12. Is that a royal habit? Minakshi says she partys all night. Raghav says she works.

Jaya asks Ramchand to serve the soup. Krisha says it’s ok I will serve it. Devraj says no you take a seat down Krisha. Krisha serves the food. She collides with Utra. Krisha says sorry. Let me clean. Utra says this ought to be my opinion’s mistake as well. Devraj says I am sorry on her behalf. It turned into an accident. Don’t maintain whatever in opposition to her in youear coronary heart. Krisha says sorry. utra leaves. Raghav says your wedding ceremony is an accident. How many human beings might get injured with it? He leaves. Devraj says Raghav, behave with Krisha. Don’t neglect about who she is. He says ok. He leaves. Krisha says sorry to Devraj.

Scene 2
Krisha involves see Devraj off on the door. He says so that you will see me off each day like this? She says sure. I need to spend all my moments with you Devraj sir. He says name me Dev, you’re my spouse now. Say it. Dev. Krisha says Dev. Raj Sir.. He says come on. Krisha says that comes out of my mouth. Krisha offers him bag to him. Devraj says permit Jaya ma realize or name me in case you want whatever. My telecellsmartphone might be out of network. Send me a text. Krisha says however.. I simply fear approximately you. What if a person assaults you again? He says I am secure right here. It’s my regime. Roma comes and says permit’s move Dev. I desire I didn’t make you wait. Krisha says Roma ji is likewise going? Devraj says yeah it’s her project. I am going to peer the land due to the fact she asked. I will see you. Roma places hand on devraj and leaves.

Scene 3
Rati brings garments to Krisha. She says you’ve to put on those things. Krisha says they’re so heavy. How many rituals are left? Rati says a lot of them. There are many guidelines on this house. Jaya ma makes a decision the entirety withinside the house. Let me assist you tie the sare. Krisha receives ready. Krisha asks why does Roma stay right here? Is she near the own circle of relatives? Rati says she’s very near Dev. They used to examine collectively. Don’t fear. Devraj handiest loves you. You’re so quite after all. Krisha smiles. Krisha says I leave out Devraj so much. She sees a discount at the table. It says Krisha visit library and spot the 0.33 blook withinside the middle arc.

Krisha asks Ramchand where’s the library? He tells her. Krisha involves the library. She alternatives the ee-e book and reveals Devraj’s picturegraph with a female. The female’s face isn’t visible.

Scene 3
Devraj comes domestic. Jaya says you got here domestic so early? He says yeah I were given completed with the deal? He says sure. She asks turned into it true? He says sure. She asks did they deliver true price? Dev says sure. Jaya says did you leave out Krisha? He says sure. Devraj says no I mean.. Jaya says move meet her. Roma is available in and sees him going upstairs.

Devraj comes outdoor Krisha’s house. She’s mad. Devraj says Krisha? Is the entirety ok? She says why didn’t you inform me approximately her? He says who? Krisha says Roma. He says what approximately her? Krisha says which you each studied collectively and he or she turned into your female friend. He says what? Krisha says sure I even have the proof. He says what proof? Krisha says this. He says I can’t see. Krisha indicates him the picturegraph. Devraj sees the picturegraph. He says who gave it to you? What does it prove? It doesn’t inform Roma turned into my female friend. Krisha says I am now no longer backward. But it indicates how near had been you. Everyone has a beyond however you may inform me. He says Roma wasn’t my female friend. Krisha says Rati advised me you studied with her. She is right here to your house. And she is going anywhere with you. She gave me this trace too and left this chit. It indicates which you each had been satisfied collectively. I even have by no means visible you smiling like this picturegraph. You by no means smile like that with me. She is going in. Devraj says Krisha study me or I am coming in. Krisha says you can’t come in. He says permit me give an explanation for then. This picturegraph indicates that we had been near. This ought to be of a own circle of relatives feature or party. We had been by no means near. I might by no means do whatever that might harm you. He leaves.

Krisha is going after Devraj. She hugs him.

Episode ends.


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