Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Krisha sees a shadow out of doors her room. She seems out however nobody is there. She takes out idol and locations it. Jaya says to Ramchand I requested you to get roses. He says I gets them daily. She says I supposed roses. Learned to apprehend matters. I should do all of the preparations. Jaya says Rati did you name the mehdni woman? Devraj says I want to speak to you. She says so do I however later. He says I need to speak approximately Krisha. She says together along with her phrases she seems pretty. I experience like you’ve selected for a reason. Devraj says I need to provide an explanation for the whole thing to you. Jaya says I should put together for the munh dikhai. I recognise if you’ve married him you need to have visible some thing very special.

Naina says Aarav you’re subsequent in line for the wedding. Get geared up He says I don’t need to stay in a sure forever. I like my freedom. Raghav says so that you will stay all of your existence alone? She says I like my freedom. Naina says you crazy. Bua and Minakshi say why did she positioned it on social media? Everyone is speaking. Jaya says what are you each speaking approximately? Minakshi says not anything. Utra says I am now no longer terrified of everybody. Utra says I can’t consider you’re getting the whole thing executed like not anything befell due to the fact it’s Devraj. If a person else did it you will have punished them.

She says I recognise what you’re pointing at. Can you inform how had been you punished? She says from time to time you punish through now no longer giving. Jaya says what become now no longer given to you? Utra says respect. Jaya says are you pronouncing I by no means gave you respect? Minakshi says I become asking her the same. She says permit me visit Rajhvardan. Rajvardan says you 3 together? Preparing to welcome the brand new DIL or any problem? How do I appearance? Minakshi says you usually appearance perfect. She says I selected this fit for you. He says then I shouldn’t have worn it.

Jaya says to Rati you went to the jeweler and selected those rings? I ordered them. she says thanks Jaya ma. Just ensure nobody sees Krisha’s face now no longer even you. Rati offers matters to Krisha. She says I questioned how could I regulate withinside the beginning. But everybody is so first-class here. Krisha says however I heard there are regulations here. Rati says there are regulations in each residence. Jaya helped me, she can be able to assist you too. And Devraj loves you too.

Scene 2
The function. Aarav fixes the lights. Naina says what is going to human beings thin? He says it’s my brother’s function. I will ensure the whole thing is perfect. Devraj attends the guests. Rati says you need to be searching pretty. I can’t see your face. Krisha says has the occasion started? Rati says it’ll begin when you go. Things are unique here.

Naina and Rajhvardan dance. They take Devraj at the ground as well. Krisha stands up and turns to Rati. Her ghunghat falls. Rati is bowled over. She receives scared. Krisha says permit me fix. It fell. Rati leaves in fear. Rati runs downstairs. Devrak seems at her. Rati comes on stairs. Krisha is worried. She says nobody got here to name me. Why is everybody so silent. Has she informed everybody she noticed my face? Was it this sort of massive deal. Jaya ma stated nobody ought to see my face. I ought to name Devraj. She seems for her phone. She says Jaya ma stated come downstairs as soon as geared up. She places veil and is going downstairs.

Krisha comes downstairs. It’s all empty. No one is there. Krisha is bowled over and scared. Krisha seems around. Utra breaks the vase in anger. Jaya says manipulate your anger. She says why ought to I? What befell wasn’t proper and I even have proper on this residence. If you all have forgotten I am the daughter of this residence. Jaya says nobody denies that. She says then don’t deny that you’ve differentiated among son and daughter of this residence. When I married man of my choice,

I become welcomed with poisoned gaze. Why do you descriminate so much? Jaya says whilst you put on black glasses, you watched the whole thing is black. Minakshi says she wears black garments as well. There aren’t anyt any colorings in her existence. Jaya says she’s proper You assume the whole thing is wrong. Naina says however it’s now no longer a small thing. You are appearing like it’s all normal. Aarav says it’s normal. Dev loves her. Raghav says close up. What will you take? He says 1 crore however you can’t supply purpose you’ll want Dev’s sign. Jaya says enough. We can’t fight. We should determine and finalize some thing that everybody consents to.

Devraj says Krisha is my wife. She will stay on this residence and that’s my very last decision. He seems at Krisha out of doors. Krisha cries. SHe is going to her room. Krisha is going upstairs. Devraj stops her. Krisha says I noticed what befell. He says you heard the whole thing? Krisha says no however I noticed everybody become angry. I ruined the primary ritual. I usually mess matters up however I will try. Devraj says relax. He wipes her tears. Devraj takes her downstairs. He does her veil.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jaya sees Krisha’s face. Utra takes her veil off. Roma says now assume how the whole thing modified once they noticed your face. This woman isn’t as harmless as she thinks. This become all my plan to carry you here.


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