Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Krisha alternatives her pouch. Devraj comes out of the auto to look her. The automobile blasts. Everyone is shocked. The police come there. Singh comes too. He says don’t worry. Yash says wherein is Devraj? Singh says he needed to move from here. Media will make a large trouble out of it. Don’t realize who’s after his existence. Krisha says why don’t you inform the police approximately that girl? He says Devraj will cope with it himself. Krisha says however wherein is he?

Devraj sits in his automobile. Krisha comes there. She says devraj.. open the window. He drives away. Krisha runs and springs in the front of his automobile. He comes out. She says so that is your manner to deal with it? What approximately our plan? We had been going to Ambikapur to get married? What passed off ot that? You stated I depend lots to you. And you’re leaving me now? Why? He says I turned into wrong. I notion I may want to cope with it after which marry you however I couldn’t. She says you wealthy human beings suppose we don’t have a coronary heart and feelings?

You like some thing it’s yours. We will marry. He says no we won’t marry. She says you stated selections taken from coronary heart can’t be modified. You modified yourself. He says no you’re nonetheless crucial for me. She says then what’s the problem? Devraj says it’s in the front of you. You and your own circle of relatives may want to lose your lives due to me. Krisa says however that didn’t appear. He says due to you. If you weren’t out, I won’t have long gone out to assist you. We might all have died. I can undergo the ache of being farfar from you however I can’t hazard your existence. Devraj sits withinside the automobile and says neglect about everything. He leaves. Krisha cries.

Roma coems there. Krisha says what do you need? Get out. You can’t kill him. Tell me what is going to you do? I won’t assist you to damage him. God is with me. It begins offevolved raining. Krisha says I will guard him. You are a coward. She shoots Krisha. Krisha turned into imagining. The automobile is in the front of her. Roma begins offevolved using in the direction of her. Krisha runs.

Scene 2
Sudha says what turned into the factor of all this? Chef says God will restoration everything. I realize he’ll make feel out of it. He will guard Krisha and Devraj. She says I wish you don’t hazard her existence.

Krisha runs. Roma drives in the direction of her. Devraj smashes her automobile. He stands in the front of Krisha. Roma drives away. Krisha hugs Devraj.. Devraj and Krisha dry themselves. Krisha says you got here back? Why? He says I don’t realize. My coronary heart requested me to return. She says to store me? He says we’ve gotten used to store every other? Krisha says our lives are tied together. We can’t element approaches now. He says what do you mean? Krisha says your future, my pandit informed me subsequent one month can be hard for you. He says and you continue to need to be with me? Krisha says anything it is, we can face it together. Devraj says you’re too younger to apprehend all this. You’re announcing all this in feelings and love. When you return back to Ambikapur you would possibly need to backtrack and suppose which you had been hasty.

Krisha says I won’t backtrack. He says who might need to be with a person whose existence is in threat and he doesn’t realize his future? Krisha says inform me one individual who is aware of approximately tomorrow? We can ship her to the jail. He says my guys are seeking to do this however who is aware of if she might be triumphant first in killing.. Krisha stops him. Devraj says it turned into my mistake that I turned into being egocentric and proposed to you. But now I am considering you. Krisha says I can await you all my existence. Your existence topics greater than my love. I need to guard you. I love you lots. Let me assist you. Marry me. This is proper, for you, for me.

Scene 3
Pandit ji suits the kundlis. He says they’re absolutely compatible. They can get married tomorrow. The subsequent one month is tough. Chef says we are able to do it after a month then? Pandit ji says Krisha’s destiny can store him. He’s stored from the problems due to Krisha. Chef says how might his own circle of relatives come so far? Pandit ji says something can appear to him if Krisha isn’t with him. Krisha says mother dad, aid me on this decision. Please do what he’s announcing. Chef says what approximately his own circle of relatives? Krisha says might they apprehend? Devraj says pandit ji there’s no threat proper now. Pandit ji says due to the fact Krisha is with you. Krisha says I won’t allow something appear to you. Devraj says we can get married tomorrow. I will do all of the preparations. Take care of Krisha. I will cope with the rest.

Scene 4
Krisha receives ready. Sudha says your maximum unique day is being hasty. Krisha says God has given me symptoms and symptoms to marry Devraj. He’s the prince I constantly waited for. This my fairytale. Sudha says all of us like him however those circumstances. I wish your fairytale doesn’t end up a nightmare. Krisha says don’t worry. Devraj is with me. We will face all of it together. Sudha hugs him.

Devraj and Krisha come to the mandap.

Episode ends.

Precap-Krisha meets Madhu bhabhi. She comes downstairs. Everyone is shocked. Krisha is by myself withinside the residence and scared.


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