Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Devraj says I need to invite to your daughter’s hand. I recognize this should be surprising for you. But I am pronouncing this in the front of God I need to marry your daughter. YAsh says however we simply met you? How is that possible? He says why now no longer? Arranged marriages manifest this manner most effective? Her dad says however we don’t even recognize you. Devraj says I recognize the entirety approximately your own circle of relatives and could inform you approximately my own circle of relatives.

He says I am Devraj Singh Rathora. I am from Ambika’s Rathore’s own circle of relatives. We have a massive own circle of relatives and business. My dad and mom died in an accident. My caretaker Jaya maa raised me like her personal childern. She can deliver her existence for us.

Yash Googles his residence and says it’s so massive. It’s a palace. Our residence is so small. Devraj says it’s the affection of your own circle of relatives that makes it a domestic. He says I understand it won’t be smooth so that you can make a brief decision. You can reflect onconsideration on it.

Diya’s dad says you may locate any female, why my Krisha? He says Mr. Singh advised me loads approximately you all. Krisha threw a garland in my neck via way of means of mistake. That wasn’t a coincidence. This method some thing. He says to Krisha do you wanna ask something? She says no. Devraj leaves. Krisha says sure I even have many questions however he has left already. Krisha attempts to run after him. She says I will ask my questions.

Krisha runs over a cart and follows him. She collides together along with his automobile. Devraj stops the automobile. He says you got here in the front of my automobile to mention sure? She says I even have many questions. He says I will solution all of your questions. The killer is likewise there. She drives away. He says wecan’t communicate right here though.

Scene 2
Krisha and Devraj are in a park. He says what did you need to invite? You assume I am a thoughts reader? She says no I became supplying you with a threat to communicate. He says I stated what I desired to. Your flip now. Krisha says could you consume chanay? She says don’t thoughts. I don’t need to insult you. I am now no longer vintage fashioned. Mummy is involved approximately my wedding ceremony however now no longer loads. I need to invite why did you return back to my residence all of a surprising? He is status below the stiars. Krisha says you didn’t solution me.

Why did you return back all of a surprising to my residence? He says marrying you became the most effective reason. She says is that every other manner to insult me? I even have study testimonies in which an regular female receives a prince. Then they make her existence hell. He says who advised you that story? No one does that. She says what you did, nobody does that either. Being hasty isn’t good. Are you positive you need to marry me? He says sure. She says however why? I suggest all of that is weird. He says do you constantly communicate that much? She says sure. He says I such as you talking. What I stated at your private home became real. I need to marry you.

Krisha says however you don’t recognize approximately me. We have to take time. He says somtimes a second is sufficient to recognize a person. And every now and then you may’t recognize somoene for a lifetime. Special human beings think about themselves as regular. You have to prevent questioning your self as regular too. I need to marry you. She says however.. He says you may spend time with me and decide. She says how long? He says a day. She says what? He says I determined in a second. You have time until the next day evening. I understand it won’t be too tough. You acn take your time.

He walks away. Krisha falls from the cliff. Devraj pulls her up. He falls down. Krisha says preserve my hand. He says move again up. She says I won’t. He says move again. Krisha screams for help. Krisha pulls him up. Krisha faints. Devraj holds her.

Scene 3
Krisha wakes up scared. Her mother says are you okay? She says is Devraj okay? Her dad says he’s fine. He were given some bruises. They inform her he introduced her domestic and known as a health practitioner and took care of her. yash tells her how he became involved for her. Yash says he didn’t go away you by myself for a bit.

Krisha’s dad says we’re so fortunate that Krisha were given any such massive proposal. Her dad says Krisha hasn’t stated sure. She says Krisha will. Yash seems out of the window and sees the female outdoor their residence. Krisha thinks approximately Devraj. She recollects her dreams. Devraj comes. Devraj says how are you now? Is your hand hurting? She cries. Devraj says did I do some thing wrong? She says you risked your existence for me. Why did you do this? He says I need to marry you. why wouldn’t I store your existence. She says what if some thing came about to you? She says however what if some thing came about. He says it didn’t. He says I won’t permit something manifest to you. You suggest loads to me. I won’t move everywhere till I get your solution. take a few rest. Krisha falls. He holds her. Krisha says you won’t ought to wait. Who might be higher than a existence companion who risked his existence for me. My solution is sure. But I even have a condition.

Epsiode ends.

Precap-Pandit ji says they have to get married as quickly as possible. Devraj and Krisha get married. Jaya says welcome to the residence. No you can see your face until munh dikhai. This is Roma, devraj’s frient (the killer). Roma hugs and says welcome to mansion of secrets. Krisha is scared withinside the residence.


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