Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Chiragh and Saksham carry withinside the crown. It fall.. Gopika holds it. He says you.. Gopika says I got here to apply the restroom. Chiragh says I am tired. Saksham says we need to hold this crown safe. He says that is a actual diamond. Gopika says it represents MataRani’s mild. These Indarkanish reduce diamonds shine brightest. He says how do you understand? Gopika says those diamonds ar special. Saksham says whilst those cuts see mild, there’s magic. See.. Gopika smiles.

Gopika says smooth your fingers with gangajal and MILs will mild the candles. She lighting fixtures Gopika’s candle and says you’re the DIL of this house. My advantages are usually with you. You need to defend this candle. Ramila says to Aashi we’ve got to show her now. She Gopika will smooth her fingers with this chemical wondering it’s gangajal. Everyone will understand she couldn’t examine it.

Scene 2
Uma says all of the great Nikhila. Everything might be as in keeping with rules. Don’t be clever like remaining time. Nikhila says we accompanied the rules. The losers speak like you. Uma says the idol needed to be decorated. she added a stay maheshasur. Nikhila says splendor isn’t simplest approximately clothes. I understand my Gopika will win. Uma says she won’t. Nikhila says time will inform.

Nikhila asks Baa you appearance concerned. Baa says can gopika do it? Do we need to try this competition. Nikhila says I desired a brave, nicely knowledgeable and clever DIL for my Saksham. She has all of the strengths I desired in Saksham’s wife. Baa remembers what Gopika said. she’s concerned and says I will inform Nikhila the entirety tomorrow.

Scene 3
Ramila and Aashi come to Gopika. Ramila says hold this gangajal. She says I will hold this candle burning. I by no means concept I could discover a mom in my MIL. It seems like a dream. They have given me a lot love and respect. I can win this for them.

Saksham brings juice for Gopika. She says thank you. Saksham says it’s getting cold. Let me get you a blanket. Gopika says I am fine. It’s now no longer that cold. Saksham sees she feels cold. He offers his coat to her. Gopikas smiles. She protexts the candle. A female falls asleep. Gopika sees it and remembers flame represents religion. Gopika says no one’s religion have to blow.

Scene 4
Nikhila involves the corridor with sunrise. Baa says I actually have to inform you something.. Uma shouts disqualified. As in keeping with the rule, Gopika is disqualified. Nikhila asks what came about now? Uma says DILs needed to live farfar from different people’s candle. What is Gopika doing close to the opposite female’s flame. Nikhila asks why did you return back here? Uma says to blow it. Gopika says I changed into saving it. Every flame represents flame. Everyone changed into sleep.

I needed to upload oil of their flame. Each flame represented God. I can’t allow religion lose to make myself win. The women ask did you all oil in our flames? Gopika says yes. You fell asleep however that shouldn’t constitute which you don’t love your family.. Uma says you broke the rule. The DILs say no Gopika has a large coronary heart. We have to be disqualified due to the fact she stored our flames too. We needed to live up. Gopika have to win. Another one says she have to win. She is the actual winner. Everyone claps for Gopika.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nikhila says the time is long gone whilst MILs desired uneducated DILs. I added Gopika due to the fact she’s knowledgeable and brave. Gopika says in coronary heart I want to inform her the truth.


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