Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Gopika says to the waiter sorry. He says we’ve quite a few work, please don’t create greater mess. Gopika says sorry. Gopika seems for Saksham. The chef receives mad at his workers, the meals isn’t ready. If the birthday birthday celebration is spoiled, I will hearthplace you all. Gopika says can I assist you? He says however you’re a visitor. She says Saksham prepared this birthday birthday celebration for my birthday. I am the host, they’re stressed however take her assist.

Priya hugs Saksham and says you’re so good. You cared a lot for me. Thank you. Gopika chefs withinside the kitchen. Priya says I sense fortunate that we met again. The chef thakns Gopika.

Scene 2
Nikhila says Saksham and gopika should be enjoy. Aashi says we need to cross there and spot as well. Nikhila says it’s a marvel for Gopika we won’t cross there. Chiragh says it’ll be a laugh if we cross. Nikhila says he didn’t invite us. They need to have non-public time. aashi says it’s her first birthday. We need to all marvel her too.

Saksham says Priya I actually have an vital call. THe host says it’s time for couple dance. Let’s see who acknowledges their accomplice withinside the masks. They provide Gopika a masks too. saksham is out for a call.

Nikhila says ok then we can all cross there and marvel Saksham. Aashi says this can be a laugh. Saksham comes in. Gopika says God ship me to Saksham. It’s my birthday, why can’t I discover him. Saksham holds her hand and dances with her. He says now I sense like I am with Radhika. Priya seems for Saksham. A guy asks Priya will you dance with me? Saksham says it feels so unique. Gopika says that is the maximum unique second of my existence.

Priya involves Saksham. She says eventually I located you. Saksham says who become she then? Priya says what? Saksham says in coronary heart she felt like Radhika. Who become she? Priya says who? saksham says I don’t realize either. Saksham seems around. Gopika additionally seems for Saksham.

The group serves the meals. They carry a cake for Gopika. Gopika says Saksham is doing all this to marvel me. The chef offers a cake to Saksham. Priya says who’s it for? Gopika comes there. She sees Priya. Gopika says saksham should have referred to as her. Saksham says cake for me? It’s now no longer my birthday today. The chef says it’s madam’s birthday. Priya says its now no longer my birthday. Chef says I am speaking approximately the madam who got here to kitchen to assist us. Saksham says that is a commercial enterprise birthday birthday celebration. I am a visitor right here myself. Take it to whoever’s birthday. No one in my existence has birthday today. Gopika is shocked. She says why did Saksham referred to as me whilst he doesn’t even realize it’s my birthday. The consumer asks the chef whose birthday birthday celebration is it? The chef says permit me search for her. Priya says in coronary heart is it Gopika?

The consumer asks the chef discover her. Priya says in the event that they discover Gopika it’ll be a mess. Gopika is going out. She says you promised to be mine. I am questioning incorrect maybe. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. Am I lacking something? This should be a misunderstanding. Saksham will in no way be unfair to me. Nikhila and everybody come there. Nikhila sees Gopika. She says why are you outside? Nikhila says all of us desired to be part of your marvel birthday birthday birthday celebration. What are you doing outside? You appearance worried? Gopika says yes. Nikhila says what are you doing right here then?

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika comes in. Priya is slicing the cake. Saksham makes her consume the cake. Gopika stands in the front of Priya.


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