Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Gopika ascends the stepping stool. gopika says I will fall. Ramila says you need to get it. Gopika reviews Nikhila requested that she protect it. Gopika gets the ring. Ramila says offer it to me. Aashi says give it. Gopika doesn’t.

Nikhila asks Gopika where right? Did you discover them? Uma says she’s from a little house. The costly ring may have adjusted her perspective. My DIL gifted me jewel ring. Class matters. Ramila says offer it to me. Gopika says it’s my obligation. I can’t lose it once more. Aashi says she has begun talking back. Ramila leaves the stepping stool.. Gopika tumbles down. Uma says you should call police.

Scene 2

Gopika, Aashi and Ramila come in. Nikhila says what befallen you both? Gopika says I climbed.. the hoodlum. they talk together. Nihila says talk individually. You let me know Gopika. I requested that you protect this ring. What’s the arrangement? For what reason was the ring not in your room? What’s more, for what reason does Aashi have it? Gopika says the ring was in my room and I swooned. A theif came and took the ring. Aashi battled with him and got the ring back. Baa says aashi you truly battled with the hoodlum? She says yes for mummy ji. Nikhila asks how could you get this injury? Gopika says I needed to scale the tree to get it. Baa says they are both so valiant.

Nikhila says Gopika is truth something for sure you said as it were? Gopika says I told everything truth. Nikhila says then I am glad for you both. I would need both of you to give it together to Minal. They offer it to Minal together. Mr. Modi makes Minal wear the ring. Nikhila says Gopika Uma needs to leave. Give her a decent see off. Uma says I need to leave. Nikhila says my DILs have great characters. They don’t slip. They leave. Nikhila says to Gopika I am happy with regards to what you did. Continuously grin, you look pretty that way. Gopika grins.

Scene 3

Aashi says I got my place. Ramila says we should check. Minal says Aashi come. For what reason would you say you are crying? Ramila says she will not say it. Chiragh says you can tell us. Ramila says she can do anything for her family yet she feels like something is short. Minal says what? Ramila says recollect how her wedding was finished? SHe went to the mandap last second. She couldn’t say whether you would acknowledge her. She got passionate after she got some regard today. Minal says we’re glad for what you did today. Chirgah is fortunate to have a spouse like you. Chiragh says that I am. Minal says Ramila sister, you are additionally a piece of our family. Go to the navratri celebration tomorrow.

Gopika reviews Nikhila saying she preferred what Gopika did. Aashi says yet Gopika is still here. Ramila says I will get her kicked out of this house. Gopika says to Baa I feel so great with all the affection maa is giving me. Saksham ponders what Gopika said. He cleans it. Gopika says I will clean the wreck. He says it’s OK. Gopika says didn’t you eat? He says we as a whole quick on Navratri. As DIL of this house, will you do it as well? She says yes I will. He says I brought nourishment for you. You will feel better tomorrow in the event that you eat at this moment.

Scene 3

Navratri pooja begins. Nikhila says we give mataji a precious stone jewelry on this day.I have been doing it. However, this time my Gopika will do it. Come Gopika, bring the accessory we got for Mata ji. A lady says stop.

Scene closes.

Precap-Nikhila says there will be a contest to demonstrate who’s the most productive and courageous DIL. She will give the accessory to Mata Rani. Aashi attempts to distractand fool Gopika.


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