Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Aashi steps on the papads. Gopika says Aashi you here? Aashi says I was searching for you. What is this? Gopika says to protect the ring. On the off chance that anybody draws close to the ring I would know. Clean your feet. Aashi sees a sketch. Gopika says leave it. I made dad’s sketch.

Aashi says it’s a decent sketch. We should hang it here. Gopika says you realize I see awful dreams. Aashi says what terrible dreams? Gopika says somebody was after daddy with a blade.. Gopika a blade like this.. was that personing running like this? Gopika blacks out. Aashi takes the ring and leaves.

Scene 2

Vivan calls Tejal. He says how about we meet. She says we can’t meet. He says I miss you a ton. Tejal says today’s mother father’s commemoration. I love you. His companion says Tejal Modi said love you to him. Vivan says I am just utilizing her. Hitain hears this. He says I am utilizing her to get more devotees. Then, at that point, I will dump her. Hitain is stunned.

Scene 3

The party begins. Nikhila invites every one of the visitors. Mr. Modi invites everybody. He says I have an extraordinary present for my better half. She’s one out of many so the gift ought to be one out of many. Nikhila says I present the gift each year. This year my Gopika will introduce it. She asks Uma do you know her? She’s somewhat not the same as your DIL. She puts our way of life over everything. She says Gopika.. Gopika awakens. She searches for the ring yet it’s no place. Gopika is shcoked.

Aashi says I wish I could keep it mummy. Ramila says you will tell everybody the burglar was taking it. You battled with him and took it back while Gopika was sleeping.

You will end up being a heroin. You need to get a few injuries and ruin your hair. Aashi says no mummy.. It is safe to say that you are insane? Ramila says Nikhila has sharp eyes. Aashi says no.. The ring tumbles from her hands. they pursue it. The ring falls first floor. Nikhila requests that Saksham bring Gopika from the room.

Gopika says where did the ring go? Where would it be advisable for me to search for it? I need to tell maa ji everything. She gave me a particularly colossal obligation. Aashi and Ramila search for the ring. It’s close to Nikhila. They stow away. Nikhila asks where is Gopika? Chiragh says she should be coming. The ring falls in a glass. The server picks the plate and takes it higher up. The glass tumbles from his hand and the ring stalls out in a tree. Gopika sees it too.

Scene 4

Saksham goes to the room and sees everything broken. He says where is Gopika? The ring box is unfilled too. Ramila says ascend the stepping stool. Aashi says I can fall. Gopika says how could it go there? Ramila says when you were resting. A theif came there to take it. Aashi battled with him.

Aashi says climb and get it. Gopika says however I am terrified of statures. Saksham tells everybody Gopika isn’t there. Nikhila says Gopika and ring both aren’t there? Uma says who keeps the ring of their significant other’s better half protected. Your DIL is likewise with you in the arrangement. Decent. Saksham says stop it. Nikhila says certain individuals gab yet time quiets them down. She says search for Gopika and Aashi.

Ramila says alright don’t get on the tree yet imagine a scenario in which Nikhila discovers that you lost the ring. She will be disillusioned once more. Gopika says however I swooned. Ramila says either get this ring or get offended. Gopika says I will go higher up. You hold the stepping stool. Gopika scales.

Scene closes.

Precap-Gopika picks the ring. Ramila says offer it to me. She says no I will offer it to maa ji myself. this is my obligation. Aashi says she is arguing a great deal nowadays. Ramila makes her fall.


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