Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Nikhila says Saksham and Gopika’s photo isn’t on wall, now it’ll be. You each will grasp your picturegraph there. Gopika and Saksham are approximately to position the picturegraph at the wall. Priya comes. Priya collides with Saksham. The body falls and breaks. everybody is shocked. Saksham says Priya you? She says sure your high-quality friend. Gopika remembers her hugging Saksham. Nikhila says in coronary heart she’s now no longer even announcing sorry after breaking the body.

Scene 2
Mohan says Ramila make the meals. We are hungry. tejal won’t make it. Hitain says she won’t. Ramila says so that you need your mother to work? Tejal says the meals is coming soon.

Priya says I am sorry I fell due to the brand new heels. Saksham says that is my university friend. She says this ought to be Minal aunty and Keshap uncle. Saksham used to speak plenty approximately you all. She offers presents to everybody and says Aashi that is for you. You ought to like it. Nikhila says how do you already know what Aashi likes?

Scene 2
Tejal says provide me your telecellsmartphone. The breakfast ought to be coming. Bell rings. Hitain says she ordered. Hitain says she ordered out of your telecellsmartphone maa. Ramila says what are you doing. She says that is reasonably-priced proper Enjoy your breakfast.

Priya says I guessed it. Finally I am assembly you aunty. Saksham used to speak plenty approximately you. Namaste. You didn’t asnwer me? Nikhila says namaste. She offers her saree. Nikhila says how do you already know I put on such sarees? Priay says your own circle of relatives is usually withinside the interviews. I recognise your style. My uncle says if children provide some thing with love, elders ought to additionally provide them love in return. Nikhila says thanks. Priya asks Gopika who’re you? Nikhila says my DIL, Gopika Saksham Modi. You broke the body, didn’t you spot her in it? She says I didn’t notice. Gopika says we love which you came. She says Saksham in no way spoke approximately you so I didn’t get a present for you. She says very horrific Saksham, you ought to’ve advised me approximately your wife.

Gopika spills tea on her. Nikhila says it became a mistake. Let me easy it. Saksham says take her to our room and assist her change. Gopika says Priya you may pick out any of the sarees. She says Saksham is fortunate to have you. Gopika says I am luckier. Priya says in coronary heart is she my competition? She’s one of these loser. She will lose so easily.

Scene 3
Everyone is on the breakfast table. Nikhila says Gopika will devour with every body and now no longer serve first. Aashi says what’s going to all of us do mummy ji? Aashi says in which is Gopika? She ought to be together along with her Kanha ji.

Priya sees gopika’s layout ee-e book in her closet. She reads Radhika’s signature. She remembers Saksham thank Radhika in press conference. Gopika comes downstairs. Nikhila says come devour with every body. we have been waiting. Gopika takes meals for Priya and says she’s a visitor I ought to be consuming together along with her. Nikhila says sure you’re proper go along with her. Priya says her designs are nice. These are Saksham’s company’s brand new designs. Gopika asks are you ready? She says sure. She steals the diary.

Episode ends

Precap-Gopika says to Baa I will ruin the whole thing associated with Radhika. Priya says I ought to discover approximately Radhika. It may be finished as soon as I even have the designs..


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