Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Aashi says Gopika for what reason would you say you are so dressed? She says I was taking gifts from moshak ji. This jug has his food. Aashi says it’s rodent toxic substance to kill it. I added it in the laddu. I will kill him. Gopika says kindly don’t do this. Aashi places laddus all around the house. Gopika says please dont’do this. Gopika says bapa I will attempt to save Moshak ji (mouse).

Ramila comes to Modi house. Nikhila says exceptionally prompt. You said Gopika is taught. You additionally said she does what she designs. Ramila says yes. Nikhila says you likewise said Gopika is bold. Ramila says she is. Nikhila says recollect these words. On the off chance that I discover you lied, Gopika as well as you and Aashi will likewise be viewed as offenders. OK? She says yes. Rani comes and says we should go for pooja. Nikhila says how about we go for pooja. After that I need to take a few choices.

Everybody does pooja. Gopika takes a gander at them. Chiragh and Saksham pick the symbol. Rani says for what reason is this laddu here? Asshi says these are for the mouse. It has irritated me to such an extent. Everybody is stunned. Nikhila says what? Moshak will eat the laddu. We need to save him. The moshak is going to eat the laddu. Gopika diverts him with safe laddu. He follows it and goes to Gopika. She says give me favors Moshak ji. Saksham reviews what she asid. The mouse leaves. Nikhila says Gopika this? She says I wasn’t permitted to come in the sanctuary so I figured I should take favoring from Moshak ji.

Aashi says I made a decent arrangement to kill it. Gopika destroyed my arrangement. Allow me to show her something new. Aashi comes to Gopika and says you’re so blockhead. You pointless. Ramila says Aashi how could you attempt to kill Moshak. Aashi says he was eating the prasad. Ramila says say thanks to God Gopika saved Moshak. You planned to kill Ganpati’s gifts. Gopika is your SIL, she makes the wisest decision.

Nikhila says Gopika did directly with moshak and Aashi attempted to kill Moshak ji. Aashi went to reprove Gopika. On the off chance that Gopika pays attention to her it will be demonstrated that Gopika isn’t fearless. Ramila says Gopika reprove Aashi. Gopika says how might I? Ramila says she attempted to kill Moshak. Gopika says she may have committed an error. It’s OK. Ramila says admonish her. Ramila sees Nikhila is coming there. She says yell Gopika. Gopika says I don’t have a clue how to reprimand. Ramila says say what she was saying to you.

Nikhila glimpses inside. Gopika says Aashi you’re idiotic. How is it possible that you would do that to Moshak ji? What’s more, you’re addressing me? As a result of you Moshak ji could bite the dust. How did you respond? Wha is this? Nikhila says gopika is bold. My choice was correct. She leaves. Gopika says I can’t disillusion maa ji any longer. Ramila says sufficient at this point. Gopika says you requested that I say this.

Nikhila says Tejal you concocted great answer for wash the symbol in the house. Aashi says I have arranged everything. We should take stink eye off Ganpati ji. Nikhila says stop. She says Gopika come here. Oldest DIL takes stink eye off. You will do it. She says I had a couple of questions, presently they are no more. Baa says yes.

Scene closes.

Precap-Nikhila says your father welcomed this ring on wedding annviersary for Minal. It’s valuable. You need to ensure it. Aashi calls Ramila and says gopika is taking everything. Ramila says I have an arrangement. That way you will be the oldest DIL in that house and I will get my worker Gopika back.


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