Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Gopika says Saksham ji I don’t your guide however your togetherness. If you and I can grow to be we, there can’t be a higher happiness for me. Saksham nods. Nikhila smiles.

Priya eats ice cream. Her uncle says don’t watch those new channels. She says Gopika ruined my love existence.

Scene 2
Minal does Gopika’s arti. she enters the residence with Saksham. Nikhila says I pray that my laxmi by no means leaves this residence once more. Gopika takes advantages from everyone.

Tejal shouts and Ramila and says wash my garments fast. Ramila is imagining it. She screams. Nikhila says what happened? Ramila says not anything simply glad for Gopika. hurray. Nikhila says Gopika, Saksham take advantages from God. Nikhila offers shagun to Gopika. She offers them advantages. Saksham holds Gopika’s hand and that they move upstairs.

Scene 2
Saksham enters the room and leaves Gopika’s hand. Gopika says Saksham ji.. you stated you’ll attempt to be my partner. I apprehend relationships can’t be revamped night. we are able to take it in small steps. Saksham says yeah. Saksham remembers what Nikhila stated. He says step one is that Gopika won’t sleep on sofa. You can sleep on that facet of the mattress and I will sleep in this facet. This room, closet and mattress the whole thing is yours. Make location for your self withinside the closet. Gopika arranges her garments withinside the closet. She says this desing.. She remembers assembly Saksham as Radhika. Gopika says God has given us every other hazard to restoration our relationship. In this new starting there could be no greater lies. I will inform saksham once more that I am radhika.

Scene 3
Priya is worried. Her uncle says why are you up? Go sleep. Priya says no. I need to visit zoo. He says permit’s visit Modi residence. Nikhila and Saksham are there. She says I become additionally speaking approximately my good-looking lion Saksham. I will make him mine at any cost. then Gopika can be out of his existence forever.

Gopika involves Saksham and says I need to inform you something. You don’t want to consider me. We ought to give up the beyond. He says permit it be. Past ought to be left in the back of if we ought to begin a new. Gopika says that actually.. HE says permit beyond be. Okay in case you need to mild up your heart, write it on paper and burn it. It could give up. Go rest, correct night.

Gopika attempts to sleep at night. Saksham falls asleep.

Scene 4
Gopika wakes up and brings Nikhila’s tea. She says I actually have saved sparkling vegetation withinside the temple. Gopika offers Minal and Mr. Modi tea too. She offers Chiragh his fruits. Aashi comes and says correct morning. He says it’s very correct. Gopika is back. You’re more youthful than her and greater educated, why don’t you analyze from her?

Ramila says wherein is my tea? Tejal says withinside the kitchen. Ramila says she made my tea? She is going to the kitchen however there’s not anything. Tejal says it’s on your dreams.

Nikhila does arti. She says Aashi I wish you’ll analyze some matters from Gopika. She says Minal you know the way shattered our mornings have been earlier than Gopika. DILS ought to run the residence. Aashi ought to additionally awaken and make a contribution in residence chores. Gopika says the breakfast is prepared and so is laundry. Let me realize if some thing is left. Nikhila says one aspect is left, with out which the complete day could be incomplete. Gopika says sorry, permit me realize. Nikhila says it’s now no longer your fault. Stay here. She brings a body.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nikhila says there are everyone’s snap shots on this residence besides for Gopika and Saksham. They will location it themselves. Saksham and Gopika are approximately to dangle their wedding ceremony photograph at the wall. Priya comes and collides with Saksham. the body breaks.


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