Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
People chant in opposition to Nikhila. Saksham remembers what nikhila stated. He says how should my personal mother evaluate me with Mr. Modi. I became his blood however her upbringing. I am such as you now no longer Mr. Modi. Saksham cries.

People chant in opposition to Nikhila. She comes out and says question me what you want. Poeple say did you hit your DIL? Is Gopika’s marriage over. Did you call for dowry from her? Priya says Saksham might be mine. Nikhila says pass from right here. Saksham comes and says stop. Saksham says in spite of everything that I’ve accomplished with you Gopika I don’t have a proper to invite you for something however maa wishes you. She could be very harm due to matters I did. she stated matters that I by no means imagined. Please come returned. She wishes you. I request you. For maa, if now no longer me. She wishes you. I might be very accountable toward you and preserve you happy. Will you forgive me? Gopika remembers all of the he stated earlier.

Scene 2
Nikhila says Gopika wherein are you? I understand you may come. People ask Nikhila questions why didn’t you kick out the opposite DIL and simply Aashi? Nikhila says every so often which you see aren’t proper and you are taking incorrect selections in anger, and I did the same. People preserve protesting in opposition to Nikhila. They throw a stone at Nikhila. Gopika stands in the front of her and saves her. Saksham is shocked. Gopika says I am sorry maa ji. Because of me you needed to undergo this.

The reporter says the negative DIL continues to be saving the evil MIL. Gopika says close up. Enough lies approximately maa ji. Your rumours can’t understand the fact our our courting and maa’s significance in my existence. She asks Nikhila are you okay? Gopika says your information are fake. I am now no longer the DIL of Modi residence. Everyone is shocked. I am the daughter of this residence. And that is my mom, my strength. The sacrifices and matters that she’s accomplished for humans on this residence can’t be defined in words. she’s now no longer my MIL however my mom. The reporter says why did she kick you out then? Gopika says hasn’t your mom ever scolded you? Out of care? She cares for me. I am status right here and speakme with self belief due to my maa ji. She made me some thing from nothing. I left the residence. She didn’t question me to leave. She got here to my existence and made it beautiful.

Ramila says my maid is gone. The newshounds clean that Nikhila doesn’t do injustice to her DIL. Priya is mad. She says I labored so difficult to get Sakasham and now I am dropping it. Saksham asks the newshounds to leave.

Scene 3
Mr. Modi says some thing passed off wasn’t proper. Minal says Nikhila desired gopika returned withinside the residence that’s why she did all this. Nikhila says welcome returned Gopika. Your domestic and own circle of relatives are awaiting you. Let’s pass in. Gopika says I won’t come maa ji. Why did you do that to yourself? I won’t come now. Nikhila says then I will should do some thing else. Would you then? Gopika says promise me you may by no means spoil your call due to me. Nikhila says I promise to my Gopika bahu. She brings Gopika inside. Saksham says gopika you didn’t solution my question. Gopika remembers him pronouncing he’ll constantly be accountable to her.

Episode ends.


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