Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
People protest in opposition to Nikhila. Chiragh asks anyone to now no longer choose up the phone. Nikhila says don’t fear I will take care of it. Chiragh says however ma.. She says it’s my fault. Because of me Gopika needed to go away this residence. I couldn’t store Gopika and Saksham’s wedding. I will exit and take care of it. Chiragh says however it’s now no longer safe.

Gopika sees the information and says what’s happening. I need to move there. Chiragh says permit me exit. Minal says nobody could exit until police is right here. Baa says wherein is Nikhila? Nikhila comes out. Gopika says maa. Nikhila says this residence desires Gopika. You realize my goal God. Chiragh says to Aashi this all is fake. You need to try and clean it due to the fact you’re additionally the DIL of this residence. You can move and inform them it’s fake.

Nikhila says I unfold this information. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says we have been unfair to Gopika and we want to restore it. Minal says what? For her you ruined this family’s call? To convey her lower back? You didn’t do an inch for Tejal. She changed into so harm after your selection, she by no means got here lower back to fulfill her. Tejal is the daughter of this residence. She changed into harm. You didn’t even reflect onconsideration on her. Why this unfair behavior? Only Gopika is yours and Tejal is simply my daughter. You can do whatever for Gopika. She left this residence however we kicked Tejal out.

People hold chanting in opposition to Nikhila. Nikhila says I predicted higher from you which you could understand. But considering that you’re thinking me so pay attention. Tejal selected a incorrect guy for her. I stored him from that satan and were given her married to an awesome guy. She’s in her residence. No one requested her now no longer to return back right here, she’s now no longer coming right here via way of means of choice. We did incorrect to Gopika. we made it not possible for her to stay right here. Saksham changed into unfair to her. She had no alternative however to go away this residence. THis is the distinction among Tejal and Gopika. Tejal doesn’t come right here, due to the fact she and her mother suppose it changed into unfair to her. It’s approximately ethics and morals. Minal says then why doesn’t Saksham’s morals fit yours? What’s your tackle that? Even if Gopika comes right here, could Saksham be given her? What could be her future? He has disowned her.

Nikhila says if that’s the case I additionally don’t should stay on this residence. Baa says what are you saying? Nikhila says in case you all suppose I made a incorrect selection then I don’t have proper to stay right here. Minal stated I don’t should stay her. She leaves. Minal says no please stay. Baa attempts to forestall her. Nikhila leaves the residence. Mr. Modi says forestall there Nikhila.

Scene 2
People burn gopika’s statues. Gopika comes jogging there. she says I can’t permit maa be insulted like this in media. Mr. Modi says you ruined this family’s call in media due to that Gopika? How should you? People are thinking us. I by no means interfered for your selections due to the fact I notion you need excellent for this family. But you’re the enemy of this residence. Saksham is available in and says sufficient Mr. Modi. No you will insult my mother. No you will query her like this. She’s my mother.

Scene 3
Ramila stops Gopika. SHe says what have been you going to do? Gopika says I got here to store maa ji from media. I will inform them it’s a lie. Ramila says who could pay attention to you? Saksham kicked you out. You haven’t any really well worth withinside the society. Ramila says in coronary heart I can’t permit my maid move like that.

Nikhila says Saksham sufficient. Who’re you to talk among me and Mr. Modi? He says maa I changed into.. Nikhila stops him. Nikhila says I am now no longer finished. Did you now no longer discover ways to recognize your dad? Answer me. Husband will have a couple of shortcomings however if spouse has one, in her education, manners, or if she can’t supply birth. Just go away her. she has no value. Right? What’s the distinction among you and him? Husband can kick spouse out anytime. He’s husband, it’s his proper. Wife has no proper, no self recognize proper? What hypocrisy is it? Why is it hurting you what your father did and doing to me? You’re taking his values forwarded via way of means of disowning your spouse. Saksham is silent.

Ramila says you’re now no longer Modi family’s DIL anymore. Come with me. Gopika says I can’t include you. They are my family. I can’t permit whatever incorrect appear to maa ji. She’s finished not anything incorrect to me. She continually confirmed me the proper path. She’s my strength. How can I see some thing incorrect appear to her. Ramila says you’re kicked out of that residence. You handiest have my residence. If you don’t include me, I will even kick you out. Don’t get on this wealthy people’s mess.

Episode ends

Precap-People chant in opposition to Nikhila. Nikhila comes out. They hit her with a stone, Gopika screams maa ji.


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