Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Nikhila says my Gopika will give the jewel crown to Mata Rani. Uma comes in and says stop.. She says for what reason would Gopika do everything? Nilhila says she’s my oldest DIL. Uma says this celebration isn’t of your family as it were. Nikhila says 5 years prior this right was of your family however presently it’s our own. You know the explanation. Minal says to Ramila she had a ton of force yet Saksham raised our business and took over everything.

Baa says Uma the family that runs this lobby does this custom. Uma says I have been enduring it for some time yet all DILs ought to be given this right dependent on who is awesome. Nikhila says GOpika has demonstrated that she is fearless and my shadow. She has right to do this custom. Uma says they have thie right due to cash? Uma says all DILs ought to be allowed equivalent opportunity and they ought to contend. Nikhila says you will lose. She says there will be a contest to track down the boldest DIL. I’m certain my Gopika will win.

Uma says Gopika isn’t your DIL, Saksham is Minal’s child. You never had a kid. Everybody is stunned. Uma says then, at that point, how is Saksham your child and Gopika your DIL? Nikhila gets vexed. Gopika says very much like how Yashoda is Krishna’s mother. She didn’t bring forth him yet raised him.

That is the reason their relationship is most perfect. Conceiving an offspring is an enormous undertaking however bringing up a kid right is greater than everything. That is the means by which it’s the most flawless relationship. Maa ji has two children, Chiragh and Saksham. Aashi and I are here DILs. Nikhila gives her endowments and wipes her tears. Nikhila says this is a strict celebration. It helps us to remember the resilient ladies. 9 days help us to remember a lady’s 9 appearances. Everybody applauds.

Scene 2

The opposition begins. Uma says who will contend from your side? Gopika says Aashi I realize you will do great. You are daring. You ought to go. Aashi says I ought to go, you will get frightened. Ramila pushes Nikhila. She says Gopika I was going to take your name and you came as of now. Ramila says you will not frustrate your maa ji. Tejal says the very best.

Gopika remains with all the DILs. Ramila says Chiragh and Minal are your ally. Presently we need to humiliate Gopika here. She will be uncovered. Tejal says cycle 1 is that you need to enhance the symbols. They can just utilize these sarees. The person who does it the best in 4 hours will win. The young ladies start. Gopika picks the last saree. Baa says the very best.

Scene 3

Tejal calls Vivan. Hitain crashes into her. He says I need to let you know something. He tells her how VJ said he’s utilizing her to get famous. He will utilize her and dump her. Tejal says how could you.. You reserve no privilege to meddle in my life. You know nothing about me and VJ. Individuals like you are envious of attractive and popular folks. Try not to interfere with us. Regardless of whether I am single you get no opportunity.

Baa says to Nikhila we will be back by 6. Baa says is this alright to get DILs contend? Nikhila says you realize I will not need them to battle and contend. I just want to show who is daring. Gopika handles things well. I’m certain she will win. She saved that ring as well. I need everybody to realize how bold she is. Baa says where right? Nikhila says let me see. Baa says let me check.

Scene 4

Aashi says to Gopika everybody is preparing their godlike objects. Gopika says I just washed the saree. It will require some investment to dry. Aashi says you can dry them in the microwave. Gopika says however we warm food in it. Aashi says the head will dry it. Gopika says dry it once. Aashi says you ought to get it done. Gopika says alright let me attempt once. Gopika places sarees in the microwave. Aashi and Ramila chuckle. Smoke emerges from the microwave.

Scene closes

Precap-The saree is scorched. Gopika is disturbed. Ramila alarms Gopika with an apparition cover. Nikhila comes there.


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