Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Gopika and Saksham entire the pooja. Nikhila smiles. She offers them blessings. Nikhila says allow’s cross, Gopika choose the stuff. There are a variety of theives here. Gopika involves the automobile and sees Radhika’s journal. Gopika is going to the cliff and says thanks Radhika. She begins offevolved throw the designs withinside the air. Nikhila asks Saksham in which is Gopika? He says allow me appearance around. Gopika says I need to stop Radhika’s tale forever. She wrote on a paper I constantly desired that will help you Saksham that’s why I took Radhika’s help. Saksham comes there. He sees a layout at the floor and says Radhika?

Saksham follows the designs and sees a person status on the cliff. Saksham says Radhika.. Priya turns around. Saksham is shocked. Saksham says Priya you? Please don’t joke. How do you’ve got got those designs and why had been you throwing them? Priya noticed Gopika throwing them and he or she examine the letter. Priya stated Radhika is Gopika. Saksham has by no means visible her so I could be Gopika. Priya says you already know the truth. I won’t disguise it anymore. I am Radhika. Saksham is shocked.

Scene 2
Aashi says Chiragh, Saksham won’t be in workplace these days right? Chiragh says he’s in temple. Aashi says then matters can reduce to rubble at paintings. You need to cross there and deal with matters. He says me play my game. Aashi says no you may cross there and deal with the workplace. Chiragh says I can’t do all this. Aashi says cross there. It’s now no longer simplest Saksham’s responsibility. Go to workplace otherwise you won’t get this phone. He says please go back my phone.

Nikhila asks Gopika in which had been you? She says I needed to get some thing off my coronary heart. I killed Radhika. Priya says to Saksham I desired that will help you as a friend. If I got here without delay you won’t have taken my help. So I have become Radhika. I found out that I you without a doubt appreciated Radhika and it can grow to be love. I didn’t need you to do that. Your love simplest is for Gopika. I desired to stop Radhika’s bankruptcy however you stuck her earlier than it. Radhika is useless forever. No radhika could come among you and Gopika. Priya won’t meet you either. All the best. Priya walks away. She says in coronary heart forestall me Saksham. Come after me. Gopika says to Nikhila I don’t need any 0.33 character among me and Saksham. I need our courting to be primarily based totally on truth. Nikhila says I completely aid and recognize your decision. Lies don’t paintings for long. My Gopika desires to base her courting primarily based totally on truth. I am fortunate to have a DIL like you. I pray for you. Gopika says you’re the aid from God to me. Nikhila hugs her. She says in which is Saksham? Gopika says allow me search for him.

Saksham is confused. He remembers assembly Radhika. Saksham says forestall. Friendship is among humans. One can’t stop it. You have become Radhika after which got here as Priya and now leaving? You can’t depart like this. Gopika is seeking out Saksham. Priya says you’re married. Saksahm says so what? Can’t married humans have friends? It’s my time to do some thing for you as a friend. Our shares rose due to your layout. You need to get your credit. She says I don’t need you to inform each person I am Radhikam now no longer Gopika, now no longer your family. Promise me? He says ok I promise. Saksham holds her hand and says I promise you I won’t. Because our leader designer. Priya says ok I will do it for you. Gopika comes there. She’s shocked. Priya says Gopika you..

Episode ends..


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