Tera Mera Saath Rahe

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Gopika says baa I ought to move. I’ve set your alarm. Take medication on time. Saksham catches bloodless while he eats bloodless things. Please don’t allow him. And Maa ji.. Baa hugs her.

Nikhila sees the telecellsmartphone and says this isn’t Gopika’s. She opens it. Gopika comes in. Nikhila has left. Gopika packs her baggage and is going downstairs. Aashi says Gopika did you meet Nikhila? Gopika says no. Aashi says I concept she may meet you. She changed into the final hope. I changed into glad we’re each married withinside the identical residence. Take care of every person withinside the residence. Give this diwali present to mummy.

Nikhila involves Saksham. He says did Gopika go away? Nikhila says I am right here to speak approximately Radhika. I need to satisfy her. He says you must. I don’t assume she could meet anyone. Nikhila says go away that on me. I need some thing from you.

Scene 2
Aashi calls Ramila. She says mummy ji all of the sins which you did, Gopika is procuring it. No one relied on Gopika. Saksham requested her to depart the residence. Your maid is coming returned. ramila says she can be able to do a lot of these dishes. She says I even have your diwali present with her. Modi jewelry.

Scene 3
Gopika says it’s diwali. I am leaving my life’s light. Thank you for connecting me to such correct human beings for sometime. I must go away now. Radhika’s telecellsmartphone rings. gopika says whose wide variety is this? Gopika selections the telecellsmartphone. It’s Nikhila. She says Radhika.. Gopika is shocked. Nihila says talk. You need to live on this residence as Radhika? But not anything is ever hidden from Nikhila’s eyes. Gopika. She comes downstairs. Nikhila says I noticed many clues. That scarf, the ones footsteps. When you stated you’re Radhika. My coronary heart stated that’s the reality however I didn’t have the proof. Baa attempted to mention some thing. I noticed you each talking. I went for your room and noticed the proofs which you are Radhika. So I went to Saksham and took Radhika’s wide variety. Now it’s proved which you are Radhika. My Gopika bahu.

Gopika says maa ji.. she says no greater explanations. move returned for your room, Gopika bahu. Gopika says there’s no room of mine on this residence. Nikhila says why? You are nevertheless Saksham’s wife. his room is yours. Go returned for your room. I will talk to Saksham. He in no way says no to me. Gopika says maa ji please don’t say some thing to Saksham. Nikhila says you’ll forestall me? Gopika says you may take my life. Nikhila hugs her. Gopika cries. Nikhila says I made the mistake. I took this choice to make you my DIL. You have left your worry in the back of to convey happiness on this residence. I won’t lose my innocent, courageous and smart Gopika again. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Don’t move. Gopika says maa ji please don’t do this. I am so fortunate to have a own circle of relatives like this, I had you. And you relied on me. But the only who changed into the purpose for this relation with this own circle of relatives doesn’t need me. Marriage is among human beings. He doesn’t agree with me. Nikhila says he’s innocent. He doesn’t realize the reality. He is cussed.

Gopika says allow me be a touch cussed too. When I met you, I felt like I met God Krishna. This combat is mine. I ought to combat it myself. She says Gopika bahu.. Gopika says that is approximately a girl’s self appreciate. I ought to make those partitions more potent for my relationship. I won’t come returned to this residence till Saksham take delivery of me as who I am. I won’t change. He has to just accept Gopika, now no longer Radhika. I even have continually discovered to appreciate my relationships however you taught me that a girl must appreciate her personal self. I won’t take any disrespect. She touches Nikhila’s feet. Nikhila offers her blessings. Gopika leaves the residence. Nikhila cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nikhila says on diwali laxmi involves the residence and brings light. Our laxmi is leaving this residence, making it dark. Saksham says the only who lies can’t be laxmi. Nikhila says I desire you can see the reality and apprehend Gopika past misunderstandings. You can assume what you need, however I will convey Gopika returned.


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